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Valencia and its new Square

Over the
last few years, more and more European cities have been limiting or closing
their city centres to vehicles in order to convert these areas into pedestrian zones.

In this
way, a significant reduction in pollutant emissions is achieved, public
transport services for tourists and citizens are improved and businesses and
activities in these areas …

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Valencia y su nueva Plaza del Ayuntamiento

A lo largo de los últimos años, cada vez más ciudades europeas han ido limitando o cerrando el centro de la ciudad a los vehículos para convertir así esas zonas en espacios peatonales. De esta manera, se consigue una notable …

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Life in Españole Ih Valencia

“Españolé life is fun and interesting, there are activities of all kinds and the classes are entertaining and productive. “- Interview with Linda, a student at Españolé International House. It is a privilege for us to be able to meet …

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La vida en Españole ih Valencia

“La vida Españolé es muy divertida e interesante, hay actividades de todo tipo y las clases son entretenidas y productivas. “– Entrevista a Linda, alumna de Españolé International House. Es un privilegio para nosotros poder conocer diariamente a alumnos de …

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Colegio Internacional Alicante offers specialized programs for groups of 6 or more students

Do you work in a school or college with students who want to learn and improve their Spanish? or perhaps, would you like to study in Spain with your friends at a great price?
Whatever your need, Colegio Internacional Alicante has created a program that brings lessons, activities and accommodation. Contact us in:

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Colegio Internacional Alicante ofrece programas especiales para grupos de 6 o más estudiantes.

¿Trabajas en un instituto o colegio con estudiantes que quieren aprender o mejorar su español? o quizás ¿te gustaría estudiar con tus amigos en España por un precio genial?
Sea como sea, Colegio Internacional Alicante ha creado un programa que te proporcionará clases, actividades y alojamiento.
Ponte en contacto con nosotros:
¿Cómo reservar un programa para un grupo?
Tú solicitas un presupuesto totalmente gratuito.

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5 reasons to learn Spanish online

Today, online learning is nothing new to many of our students. Most of them are used to using a mobile phone almost since the time they were born. We know this at AIP Language Institute, and for that same reason …

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5 razones para aprender Español online

Hoy en día, el aprendizaje online no representa nada nuevo para muchos de nuestros estudiantes. Muchos de ellos, prácticamente desde que nacieron están acostumbrados a llevar un móvil en las manos. Eso lo sabemos en AIP Language Institute, y por …

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When Spring arrives, parents start thinking about Summer time and how they are going to organize it and spend their holidays. Obviously, it is the best season of the year for doing so. Summer means holidays, heat, sun, beach, joy, happiness and, more than ever, languages.
Learning a new language is part of our Summer plans, because parents and children worry, more and more, about the future and how to be ready for it. Therefore, learning a new language is at the top of the parents’ list and what if we do it with fun? That is our Target. Nowadays, we do have a lot of options at home or abroad but what is best for our children? How can I choose the best program? What are we looking for? What is our main concern?

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FEDELE CV CONTENIDOSNuestra asociación, FEDELE (Federación española de Escuelas de español como Lengua Extranjera), fue creada con el objetivo de aunar las principales escuelas de español de la Comunidad Valenciana para alcanzar [...]

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