Colegio Internacional Alicante – Spanish language schools in the Region of Valencia

The next school presented is the Colegio Internacional Alicante.

COLEGIO INTERNACIONAL ALICANTE is a small and modern School of Spanish founded in 1998 by a group of teachers. Our main objective is to ensure that the student becomes the center of the learning process, by that we always guarantee 4 basic levels all year round. We will even open a group with only one student. We are located within the centre of the town, within the main shopping area, only 5 min. to the sea and a few minutes away from the historic sights. Classrooms are perfectly equipped and we have air-conditioning in throughout he school, a library with lending service of books & films, WIFI, linguistic exchanges with Spaniards…


All the teachers are University Graduates with many years of teaching experience. The small classrooms and the familiar way our highly qualified teachers interact with the students, creates a friendly, dynamic and young atmosphere.

Added to the lessons, the School offers a wide range of extra-curricular activities like visits, excursions, parties, sports, Latin American Dance lessons, golf, cooking and other similar activities.


Private tuition, specialised Business Spanish or courses for seniors are also available for students who do not wish to pursue a standard group course.

On the other hand, we are able to design a tailor made course for groups to fit student´s specific needs, likes and wishes.

Our School will organize your full stay and lodging which main goal is to ensure you will learn and develop your Spanish skills for living and talking from the very beginning.

Our methodology is active and communicative. Groups consist of an average of 6 to 8 participants. We insist that all of our students complete daily homework exercises and attend all their classes, this is to enable the whole class to progress rapidly and at the same pace. A certificate will be issued by Colegio Internacional Alicante at the end of the course.


All modern teaching methods are employed and a very personalised teaching service is provided which caters for the needs of the individual students. The student speaks Spanish from the starting day.

Intituto Cervantes has recognized our School with the Quality Certificate of E/LE Centre by the named CENTRO ACREDITADO, we are full member of FEDELE and AMEELE. We are recognized as well by the Swedish Government with the CSN grants, by the Norwegian Government with Lånekassen, by the German Government with the Bildungsurlaub & by the Austrian Government with the OÖ Bildungskonto. Our School can also send transcript to your University through Eastern Connecticut State University ( USA) and Collège du Maisonneuve ( Canada).”

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