Come to learn Spanish with the whole family!

alumnos de español


Our new family language programs are specifically designed to fit the lifestyle and requirements of each individual family.


They offer a complete cultural experience, all the members of the family can learn a language at the same time. Children join our exciting and fun-filled junior or teenager summer courses, while parents share their international learning experience with other adults from around the world. It’s a perfect combination.
Parents and their children can follow the courses adapted for their age range and enjoy the cultural activities and excursions all together.
Regarding accommodation, they all can choose between different types of accommodation: families, flat sharing with other students, apartments and hostels.


This type of holiday combines all necessary requirements and, at the same time, it helps families to learn a new language and culture through being immersed in an international atmosphere.

Españolé International House Valencia is strategically located in the city centre, it occupies a nice building which offers excellent facilities for language study. Studnets can choose among a great variety of Spanish courses combined with cultural activities: tapas tours, pub nights, visits to museums, dancing classes, themed parties, etc.
We offer intensive Spanish courses, both private classes and in groups, we also have special programs such as Spanish for business, internships… We prepare the students for the DELE and Chamber of Commerce exams. We are also an affiliate member of the Instituto Cervantes.


Our teaching method is based on the combination of grammar and communication, supported by modern resources such as interactive whiteboards and other technologies.
Our school is an affiliate member of International House World Organization, a network leader, for over 50 years , in teaching foreign languages and teacher training. It has schools in 40 countries all over the world.

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