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Students studying at the Spanish school, TLC Dénia, have many reasons for returning to Dénia time and time again. The town’s imposing castle, nature reserve, climate and history all entice people to visit but Dénia’s greatest attraction by far is its beautiful coastline. The azure-coloured sea is not only home to a spectacular marine reserve but at the same time it provides the local area with the basic elements of its cuisine. One of these ingredients is the town’s most precious treasure, the red shrimp of Dénia, which is considered to be the best in the world by some gourmet experts.

Costa de Valencia escuela de español

As learning Spanish is not just about sitting in a chair and studying continuously, TLC Dénia makes its students get up from their chairs and leave the classroom behind in order to experience the red shrimp phenomenon firsthand.

Students begin to practice what they have learned in class by visiting the local fish market, where boats bring ashore many different varieties of fish and seafood.

Costa de Valencia escuela de español

Another event that is not to be missed is the ‘Red Shrimp International Competition of Creative Cuisine’, which takes place in the local food market, an ideal setting for students to soak up the culture of Valencia. Quique Dacosta, Dénia’s renowned chef, winner of three Michelin stars and ambassador for the red shrimp, acts as head juror in the competition.

Costa de Valencia escuela de español

And last but not least, students have the opportunity taste this delicacy whilst continuing to learn and practice Spanish in a relaxed environment in one of the many local restaurants which offer red shrimp.

Costa de Valencia escuela de español

So if you enjoy red shrimp and the varied cuisine on offer in Denia, the gastronomic capital of the Marina Alta, all whilst learning Spanish in a fun and practical way, then please visit and participate in our activities.


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