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As we know learning a language is not just the study of rules and grammar as in this process other enriching aspects are interwoven such as lexis, pronunciation, social-cultural elements, etc. This is where Proyecto Espanol, in collaboration with Studio 3, has launched an exciting programme to learn English and Spanish in the summer. For several years Proyecto Espanol has organized its “Summer Camp” during the months of July and August. A comprehensive programme in which teenagers from 13 to 17 years of age combine classes of Spanish with games, sports and other leisure activities, as well as living with a Spanish family and in this way immersing themselves in our way of life, and through this intense experience enriching their own. This year with the incorporation of Studio 3 Alicante, the school in charge of the teaching of English, an “English Summer Camp” has been organized for teenagers between 12 and 17 years old. Their programme could not be more complete:
Proyecto Español  Alicante
In the mornings they will do communicative games activities in the school; they can decide if they wish to eat with their classmates and their Spanish host families or have lunch in their own home. In the afternoons all the students meet together to enjoy water sports, sports and cultural activities, supervised by specialized monitors, in which Spanish and English will be the common languages.
Proyecto Español  Alicante
Spanish, British, French, German, Italians, Swedes ….all with the same motivation, to live a unique experience and to learn a language in its widest and most practical sense of the word. The aim of our “Summer Camp” is to consolidate and improve the present level of our teenage students through workshops in the mornings, and sports and cultural activities in the afternoons which will take place together with students of different nationalities whose common languages will be English and Spanish.
Proyecto Español  Alicante
Meeting people from other countries is something that always helps to lose the fear of speaking in a different language and to overcome the shyness that, often, impedes us practicing the language we are studying. Because of this the idea of combining the two camps was born with the intention of meeting new people, working and enjoying themselves in groups and speaking, almost without realizing it, in a foreign language as the need to communicate and understand arises.

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