Spanish and Salsa lessons

Did you know that salsa is a union of Afro-Caribbean and EUROPEAN dance styles? Its origins come from a 17th Century English dance called Contredanse.
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The French and Spanish colonial gentlemen took this dance form their homeland to the islands of the Caribbean. One of this islands had a very special performance, it was the island called La Española that in 18th Century would be divided into two countries: the French country Saint Domingue, currently Haiti, in the West and the Spanish Santo Domingo, now Dominican Republic in the East. After the uprising against French colonial rule in 1791, the plantation owners fled with their slaves to the eastern part of the neighboring island of Cuba and they took also their customs, dances and music. In Cuba these rhythms was combined with the marimba, African dance and Spanish music of the guitars of the Spanish farmers creating Salsa.
estudiar en españa

If you want to combine your favorite hobby: DANCE, with your other favorite hobby: LEARN SPANISH, do not hesitate, come to Colegio Internacional Alicante.

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