Get ready for the “Tomatina” of Buñol

Each year, on the last Wednesday of August, we celebrate in the village of Buñol what is called the “Tomatina”. The “Tomatina” can be defined as a tomatoes’ battle that takes place every year in the streets of Buñol a town of the Valencian region.

Here is the program of this festival:

The night before: Buñol’s residents and tourists attracted by the battle, spend the night out at the fairgrounds, enjoying themselves and dancing. The most audacious ones continue until the party of the Tomatina.
The d-day: to build up their strength, the earlier risers get closer to the town square, at about 9 a.m., to get some of the cakes distributed by the town hall. Participants gather to the Square and neighbours throw buckets of water to the participants who ask for it or to the ones simply passing by.

estudiar español en una academia de español para extranjeros en Valencia

The soap stick: the Tomatina doesn’t start until the ham is taken. And, before the beginning of the Tomatina, it stands a huge stick covered with soap and whosover will climb on it to try to get what is at its highest, a ham. Until some skillful “climber” reaches its goal, people sing encouraging everyone to jump or to bend down. The participants suddenly hear a sound followed by applauses, a sign that indicates that someone has finally got the ham: the Tomatina is about to start.

The battle: excited people sing “tomates, tomates” asking for the battle to start. At 11 a.m., the sound of a firework announces the start and trucks begin to arrive; when they stop and drop the tomatoes on the ground, some of the participants already got in the truck to grab and throw tomatoes. The participants, with eyes closed, throw tomatoes first squeezed into their hands. Few seconds after, the participants are covered with a rain of tomatoes that go from one side to another and rarely have defined objectives. Everthing gets stained of red and start to flow an acid river. After one hour, you can hear another firework, that means that the Tomatina is over.
The retreat: to remove all the tomatoes, everyone usually get closer to hoses giving in by the Buñol’s neighbors, at the sources or the pool of “Los Peñones”. Back to normality: neighbours remove the plastics and start cleaning with their hoses. Within two hours, everything is gets back to normality.

Each year, at this time, at the school of Spanish as a foreign language Intereuropa, we receive many students attracted by the Tomatina who decide to take a Spanish course and enjoy a pleasant stay in Valencia, which, due to the closeness to Buñol, is an ideal solution for leisure and cultural offer that we provide in our city and surroundings.

Get ready now for the Tomatina of Buñol of 2013 and book your Spanish course with us.

estudiar español en una academia de español para extranjeros en Valencia

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