At Españolé – International House Valencia we have chosen that one of our students, Vanessa Marino, explains her own experience at our school and tells you everything that Valencia and the school can offer to our students:
“I have always wanted to travel to Spain in order to improve my Spanish and learn about the Spanish culture. What was most important for me was to practice the language without spending too much time in class. Therefore I looked for a school that offered volunteer programs thus I found Españolé – International House. I really liked the possibility of being able to choose my volunteer work in different areas, between them working with kids, elderly, immigrants, or nature. Also I chose to live with a Spanish family in order to speak as much Spanish as possible.
estudiar español en una academia de español para extranjeros en Valencia

Españolé – International House Valencia, have more than exceeded my expectations. In the mornings I continued learning in the classroom and in the afternoons I practiced Spanish through my volunteer work with children, during the activities, and with my host family. As I want to become a teacher, I am learning many things in my volunteer work with the kids for my future profession. Thanks to the activities at Españolé – International House, you can be in contact with girls and boys from all around the world. In this way, you don’t only learn about the Spanish culture, but also about other cultures!
Each day there are different activities: tours of the city, culture workshops, food workshops, movies on the classroom, parties on the school terrace and much more! Also, on the weekends we have excursions, my favorite activity was riding horses.
estudiar español en una academia de español para extranjeros en Valencia
Regarding my Spanish family, I am thrilled! From day one, I felt very comfortable. My “Spanish Mother” is very nice and open, so we talk all the time.
In my opinion, I would highly recommend Españolé – International House to everyone, for its’ modern method of learning languages. It is very important to the professors that the students practice Spanish in the classroom and that they feel comfortable. Since the first day, the students become familiar with the professors. I like that in each level there are two teachers that vary in the class. Also you learn the theme of the class better because each teacher explains it in a different way.
In conclusion, I am very happy with my decision to come to Valencia and have chosen Españolé – International House. The school is very centrally located, as well as being close to the main monuments, stores, bars, and restaurants. I love the City of the Arts and Sciences with the modern buildings, the Zoo with the animals from Africa and the big beaches that are very close. I like that the people are so nice and open and that they talk without a strange Spanish accent. In Valencia there is always something to do for everyone: relaxing in the gardens “Los jardines del Turia” or at the beach, going shopping in the center of the city, tours, excursions, and many discos to go to in order to party. At the same time Valencia has a beautiful central market and personally I really like the “Plaza del Ayuntamiento”, “Plaza de la Virgen” and the “Plaza de la Reina” that have beautiful buildings. I loved my stay in Valencia, and I am sure that I will return to visit my Spanish family, the city, and the school!”
estudiar español en una academia de español para extranjeros en Valencia

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