A good team of ELE teachers is a must for top Spanish schools

Being a specialist in language teaching requires not only the necessary and also continuous academic training, but effort and dedication as well. Language students rely heavily on their tutors; therefore, top Spanish schools know that the key to successful learning lies with the quality of their teaching staff.
Teachers not only help their students to communicate with each other and guide the various class activities, but they also act as independent contributors in the learning process. This way they help to build a relaxed and amiable atmosphere among all participants. Flexibility is therefore an essential quality that these professionals need for both inside and outside the classroom.

estudiar español en una academia de español para extranjeros en Valencia

TLC DÉNIA as a Spanish school accredited by the Cervantes Institute, has a team of native teachers who specialize in teaching Spanish as a foreign language.
Our faculty team is dedicated in keeping up-to-date with the constantly evolving teaching methods along with the use of new technology in the classroom, and as a result, regularly attends training courses organized by FEDELE (Spanish Federation schools as a foreign language).
Another key point when it comes to learning a language is for the students to immerse themselves in the target language’s culture and once again, our teachers are fully capable of conveying information about the customs, habits, celebrations, foods, etc to the students. They can learn our traditions firsthand through extracurricular activities organized by the school that allow them to partake in our culture. Language immersion is therefore complete and total.

estudiar español en una academia de español para extranjeros en Valencia

The classes are multicultural, with students of various nationalities but the language used by teachers and students is always Spanish, as our teachers have the ability to teach without having to translate into the students’ mother tongue. Proof of the effectiveness and professionalism of our teaching staff can clearly be seen from the quality-control questionnaires that students are asked to complete at the end of their course. This shows that a team of professional ELE teachers is essential for a good quality Spanish school.

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