Proyecto Español – doing an internship with us

In Proyecto Español Alicante, besides our Spanish courses for foreigners we offer throughout the year, the opportunity of doing an internship with us for those students who are still studying.
This is the case of Erika who last year came to Alicante to do a Spanish course in Summer and this year she has come again but to do an internship with the PRACTICUM Erasmus grants. Here you are her experience:

estudiar español en una academia de español para extranjeros en Valencia

Last year I was a student at this school and I felt very comfortable with my classmates and teachers. Thanks to the intensive course I passed my university exam smoothly. While I was in Proyecto Español I had classmates who were studying in school and helping in the office. I asked what could I do to do the same and they explained the internship programme: I had to send my resume and decide the dates of the practicum. Now I’m here, I came in June and since then I have learned to use different software, I have improved my Spanish and I have met people from all over the world. The best thing about this period is the treatment of my coordinators who have been very kind to me.
It is a highly recommended experience!

estudiar español en una academia de español para extranjeros en Valencia

As Erika, in Proyecto Español we have students doing their internships throughout the year either in the front desk or in the marketing department or administration so from one hand students enjoy the experience in which they put into practice their knowledge of Spanish and of their studies and on the other hand the school day by day enriches from an even more international environment.

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