Learn Spanish in the Region of Valencia during a one year stay as AuPair

learn spanish with the spanish language school Costa de Valencia

The Region of Valencia offers the best conditions to learn Spanish during working as AuPair. Not only large cities such as Valencia, Alicante or Castellon are adequate for this, but the touristic coast towns like Denia or Gandia as well.

The demand for AuPairs is increasing as the families want to offer their children the best way to learn a foreign language like English, German, Italian or French. The stay as AuPair is not only to make the children learn a different language, but it is also important for the personality development of the AuPairs. They have to become responsible and more independent as well as getting on with the new cultures and the family. Mainly, such a stay as AuPairs in Spain is used to learn Spanish. Learning a language cannot be easier in a country where you have to deal with it in your daily life…

estudiar español en una academia de español para extranjeros en Valencia

Starting in September and ending in June of the next year, the Spanish language school Costa de Valencia offers special long-term classes. AuPairs do not only get to know other AuPairs from Valencia and its surroundings, but they are also able to meet other students of Spanish that live in Valencia for long-term. This means especially Erasmus students, who study one year in Valencia, but also more and more the people who take place in the internship programme Leonardo, one of the numerous, international companies on the Spanish Mediterranean coast.

The long-term classes can be distinguished from the intensive classes. While the intensive courses are perfect for short-time stays, the long-term courses are designed for longer stays. This teaching method includes preparing and learning more at home on your own, hence, preparing and revising the topics of class is very important. For these long-term classes, a specific level of knowledge of Spanish is required. If the student does not have the Spanish level A2, an intensive Spanish course will have to be done. In this case the temporal and financial aspect is bigger and cannot be matched with the daily life of an AuPair.

estudiar español en una academia de español para extranjeros en Valencia

The Spanish Language School has also on offer a programme composed by a wide-range of leisure activities. There are up to 4 activities every day to experience the Spanish life style outside of the family and some of the Spanish customs. Especially, the activities that are offered on the weekends are attended by AuPairs. Trips in Valencia and its surroundings, visits, hikes and visits to the famous natural beauties are on the programme regularly. To get acquainted with the Spanish culture, the school organizes trips to numerous towns and city festivals. The Tomatina of Buñol, the Bous a la Mar of Javea and the city festival of Peñíscola are the next trips programmed. Valencia offers very varied and worth seeing activities. Learning Spanish during the whole year in this way makes it an unforgettable experience.

estudiar español en una academia de español para extranjeros en Valencia

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