If you are thinking of visiting Valencia , Españolé International House Valencia recommends you the following museums you cannot miss during your stay:

1. The National Ceramics and Sumptuary Arts Museum Gonzalez Marti, includes mainly a collection of the mediaeval Christian ceramics enlarged with collections of furniture, clothing, paintings. “Ninots” carriage (1750), ancient ceramic pieces and Valencia mediaeval tiles.

Photo 1: Our students visiting the National Ceramics Museum

estudiar español en una academia de español para extranjeros en Valencia

2. The “Fallero” Museum, houses the collection of the “Ninots” (cardboard and wooden figures) that each year, one per year since 1934, have been spared (not burnt) during the festivities. This figure is called the “ninot indultat”. There is also a collection of posters announcing the Fallas festivities, and photographs related to the subject.
3. The Fine Arts Museum San Pío V, considered one of the most important art galleries in Spain. The most outstanding collection is the “Primitive Gothic Valencian painters” , the Renaissance and the Baroque period painters. Regarding the academic paintings, the works of Francisco de Goya, José Vergara or Vicente López are to be highlighted. The most outstanding works from the 19th and 20th centuries are those corresponding to Joaquín Sorolla, José Benlliure Gil, Antonio Muñoz Degrain, Ignacio Pinazo or Cecilio Plá. Moreover, the museum houses a collection of sculptures.

Photo 2: The Fine Arts Museum San Pío V

estudiar español en una academia de español para extranjeros en Valencia

4. History Museum of Valencia, where you will travel during the 22 centuries of the valencian history and discover the most important and relevant events, the valencian culture and traditions.
5. IVAM, is divided into seven galleries destined for permanent and short-term exhibitions, one of them, entered independently from the others, shows the ruins of Valencia’s mediaeval wall. The three main galleries are a succession of rooms running in linear fashion. One gallery is also devoted to sculpture. Of the short-term exhibitions, the IVAM offers the best of modern art on the international scene.

Photo 3: IVAM

estudiar español en una academia de español para extranjeros en Valencia

6. The Valencia Museum of Renown and Modernity (MUVIM), revolves around the conquests of mankind over the centuries in the fields of sociology, politics, health and economics. Special attention is also paid to those people who have struggled to attain these conquests, those considered as “illustrious” and “renowned”. Exhibits cover such items as the printing-press, life in mediaeval monasteries, the cosmic revolution and the sciences of the Contemporary Age. A special section is dedicated of course to illustrious Spaniards and persons from Valencia.

7. The Bullfighting Museum, during its more than 70 years of existence, it has been up-dated and completed such that now it is one of the largest in Spain. It seeks to give as much projection as possible to its bullfighting exhibits, and there is also a research centre within its walls for the promotion of bullfighting in all its different aspects. Objects related to the art from XVIII, XIX and XX centuries are also on display. From the museum you can also visit the bullfight square.
Within the big range of activities that Españolé International House Valencia offers, the museum tour is part of our activities agenda, ¡You cannot miss it!

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