Students of Spanish from all over the world get ready to get the DELE (Diploma of Spanish as a Second Language)

As every year students of Spanish from all over the world prepare themselves to get the official certificate of Spanish as a
second language, known as DELE.

This year 2014, for the first time, there are five official calls which are offered in April, May, July, October and November. This next call, in May the 24th, also offers the possibility of getting the new DELE “A1 scholar” and “B1 scholar” (directed to students aged between 11 and 16 years).

More and more students of Spanish as a second language, who are aware of the importance of obtaining an official qualification which shows their knowledge in Spanish, enroll this exam of the Spanish language. Data related to the next call can prove it: only in FEDELE-Valencia (Federation of Schools for Spanish as a Second Language in Valencia) there are 110 people enrolled for the different offered levels (from A1 to C1). The most required levels have been, in order, B2, C1, B1, A2 and A1.

Regarding nationalities, there are candidates from all continents: Asian students (almost 20% of candidates), from countries as China, Korea or Japan; European students (70% of the total), from Switzerland, Germany or Italy, among others; and people from other continents and countries, as the US or Martinique, compose the remaining 10%.
Most of the candidates who decide to take this exam have been preparing themselves in Spanish for DELE preparation courses in different schools for Spanish as a second language in order to successfully overcome.

Costa de Valencia, Spanish school, accredited by Instituto Cervantes and part of the Federation of Schools for Spanish as a Second Language in Valencia (FEDELE) and FEDELE Comunitat Valenciana , is an example of it.

Moreover, it is the official DELE examination center, and thus the students of its Spanish for DELE preparation courses will be able to do the DELE exam in the same center.

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