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My name is Olivia, I’m English and in England I study Spanish and History, therefore I’ve had to spend a year in Spain studying and working. I chose to come to Valencia for 5 months of it and I’ve loved every second. In Valencia I’m studying a course in Business in Spanish in Enforex . The course has given me a lot of new information that I will be able to use in the future, and I’ve also got to meet a lot of new people from different parts of the world! The good thing about this course is that it finishes at 1.30, so I have the rest of the day to enjoy myself here and do everything that I want to do. There is definitely a lot to do, the city is full of different attractions and depending on what you like to do, there’s loads to explore and do.


It’s always great weather in Valencia (this makes it a great place for us foreigners!). As well as my studies, trips, days on the beach and exploring the centre-which is beautiful- one of the things that has been interesting to me is the Bullfighting.

Bullfighting is a controversial topic all over the world but above all, here in Spain. When we arrived at the Bullring there were loads of protesters shouting `you’re an assassin´. I was worried but it was important that I saw a Bullfight once so that I could decide for myself how I felt on seeing a Bullfighter kill a Bull. It was interesting by any means. The outfits, customs and tradition were really interesting and I can now understand why this ´tradition´is such an integral part of Spain’s history. Furthermore, the Mataderos, Picadores and Banderilleros were really talented and their precise actions were almost beautiful.


I was interested to see the event take place and the bull die, I thought it would happen more quickly and more humanely, however it left an impression on me. In conclusion, I’m glad that I went to see a Bullfight once. Many people say that it’s an art form, and to a certain degree I can understand why they think like this. I didn’t know before how I would feel and I wanted to see a Spanish tradition that is so important and controversial. I now understand why it’s banned in many parts of Spain. I don’t know if the protestors will succeed in banning Bullfighting. I think that the tradition is too deeply buried in the mentalities of many people.


In my business class we´ve learnt about how a Bullfight helps the economy and also how it works as a business. One has to appreciate how the event works and also the business part that it brings with it. The day was both shocking and interesting and I think it will help me a lot with my course here in Enforex.

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