You can learn Spanish and having fun with the Valencia Community in the same time

Spanish pupils have fun with the Valencia Community and with its nature by doing hiking in Denia, not only to learn Spanish but also to discover and enjoy the region where they make their Spanish courses.

It’s well known that in The Valencia Community there are a lot of options for those who want to visit it; varied nature, own culture, and the peculiar way people live their life, attracted and carry on to attract to tourists all over the world.
The Valencia Community offers a lot of experiences to visitors, from cultural visits to meeting with nature, or all in the same time.

140607 cova tallada (36)

A real example of it is the fishing town in Denia. First place, it worth it to visit its historic center and its castle, where there is the archeological museum too. From here you can enjoy the awesome view of the bay and the Denia town, its harbor and mountains. The last week-end, pupils of divers’ schools had the opportunity to enjoy this view by making a Spanish course in Valencia.

After visiting the historic part of the town, Spanish pupils ate on the Denia beatch and enjoyed weather and sun, while prepared themselves to realize one of the most beautiful roads of the Community.
The destination was “El cabo de San Antonio”, an emotional travel through the mountains crossing near a canyon. From its lighthouse it gives an unbelievable view of Javea and its port.
This visit invites to take photos and dazzle with the blue sea and the boats which are in the harbor.

140607 cova tallada (79)

On the road we did “Les Rotes de Denia”, we saw houses which are very near from the sea, with garden and owner swimming pool, this invites to dream about living in this paradise.

Carrying the trip we discover a fantastic trail which brings to the “Cova Tallada”, a cave which is directly connected to the sea. To go into the cave we have to crawl on stones and rocks where below we can pass the sea. What an amazing experience!

The Spanish school pupils were able to admire the landscape of rocks and the cave size which seems surreal. “The sea is perfect to swim, with clear water which allows us to see the bottom and which makes think about paradisiacal beach of Caribbean” comment Andreas Tessmer, escort of the Spanish school, Costa de Valencia, “and we can relax by sunning ourselves after the trip. After effort comes comfort”.

140607 cova tallada (87)

This way, pupils who are learning Spanish in Valencia can enjoy the Denia town and its nature but also the road which an entire adventure.
On the way back, pupils, even if they are tired because of this travel, surely will record this fantastic experience and will show the photos proudly to their families and friends. In the Valencia Community it is possible to learn Spanish but also enjoy and experiment with all this can offers.

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