7 Reasons to study Spanish in Denia

Choosing a holiday destination in which you also have the opportunity to learn another language is no mean feat. It is easy to get lost amongst the huge variety of special offers and inviting places.

In order to help you make your decision, here we give you seven reasons to study Spanish in Denia.


Its 20km of beautiful coastline
Never in Denia will you have the dilemma of not finding space on an over-crowded beach thanks to its extensive coastline. You have the choice between the beautiful soft and sandy beaches to the north and the natural beauty of the rocky coves to the south.
Denia’s beaches have been awarded the Blue Flag (Les Marines, Les Bovetes, Els Molins y el Real Club Nautico) and they also all have internationally awarded certificates for their quality and the environment. There is also disabled access to the main beaches.
Its Fiestas
Denia is one of the towns with the most fiestas in Spain and two of them take place in the summer:
Fiestas de Denia. These are fiestas that celebrate the city’s Patron Saint with Bous a la mar (bulls in the sea), ( from the 5th-13th July), a fiesta of national touristic interest.
Moros y Cristianos. From the 13th- 16th August this fiesta (Muslims and Christians) offers up events such as re-enactments of the disembarkment of the Muslims in Spain, the battle of the castle and the procession in the street.
As the crowning jewel in the calendar of fiestas we have Las Fallas (from 15th-19th March). During these celebrations the streets turn into a huge art museum.


The Gastronomy
Denia is proud to offer an internationally acclaimed and exciting gastronomic experience. The importance of Denia in the world of gastronomy is growing more and more and the city is about to receive Unesco’s coveted award for its Gastronomic Creativity.
Its Landscape
Not only does Denia sparkle with its beautiful coastline, but it also boasts its very own mountain. If the breathtaking beauty of Denia’s beaches isn’t enough then Montgo’s Natural Park will most certainly satisfy your desires. It is an exceptional location with trails perfect for those with a love for hiking.
Its Climate
Denia enjoys a mild climate all year round with an average of 11 degrees in winter and 25 in the summer. This is combined with the refreshing gentle breeze throughout the summer months.
Its range of sporting activities.
Denia offers a wide range of aquatic sports. The wind allows for sports such as kite and windsurfing. A popular sport is sailing or motorboating and is also a perfect destination for diving and other water sports such as kayaking and water-skiing. With its huge natural parks Denia is also the perfect place for hiking, mountain biking or golf.
Its Rich Culture
Denia is full of fascinating stories and places to discover and explore such as its castle that dates back to the 12th century. It’s a symbol of the city and is an example of the city’s rich history. This summer take advantage of guided tours such as Denia Milenaria, the theatrical tour of the castle: Historias del Castillo or the nighttime tour Noches del Castillo to discover some of the secrets of Denia’s history.

You don’t need any other reason! Discover our Spanish programmes and come and enjoy Denia!


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