The August comes and brings a large number of activities for the language students

The August in Valencia welcomes all students who learn Spanish as a Foreign Language with dozens of new activities, which will be organised and carried out by the school of Spanish in order to complement their language course.

Valencia. In a Spanish School you are not only learning Spanish, but also having fun with the trips which are made all day every weekend. Last weekend, on Sunday, the students attended the celebrations of Paiporta. A prominent position was taken by horses and bulls at the traditional celebrations. As a starting point bulls were led by the horses around the village. Right after, all bullfighters’ amateurs could try to approach the young bulls. An unusual experience for the students!

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In the afternoon a competition took place, where horses had to pull sand filled carts trough sand. The main goal was to complete the route as fast as possible. All the spectators from Paiporta and from the surrounding villages and, of course, the students applauded the horses enthusiastically.

Next Sunday the plan is to go to the water park Aquopolis in order to try the cobra slide or to go on the water roller-coaster. The five-part slide attracts those students who dare slide even faster. Apart from that, there is a large swimming pool with artificial waves which are produced by a wave machine. This is the best way to cooling down at the warm summer temperature in Spain.

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Just the same day in the evening it is planned a presentation of the Valencia Football Club. In addition, the students of Spanish will go to the Mestalla Stadium which is located in the heart of the city in Valencia. Different bands and groups will play and there will be a fireworks display, soon thereafter a match between Valencia and Milan will be played. With this event the new Spanish football season begins in Valencia.

On 24 August a remaining task is a trip to Requena, a small village which is well-known because of its wine. Next week it is already planned a trip to ‘Cueva Tallada’ in Jávea. There the students learning Spanish in Valencia will be waiting for the ‘Bous a la mar’. In this event the goal is to confine bulls by jumping with them into the sea.

The first weekend of September the widely known Carnival of Rafelbuñol starts, where creativity and ingenuity are tested. People can dance to music and have a good time, all that without putting aside the learning of Spanish.

140301 carnaval villar del arzobispo n (33)

The Oktoberfest occurs in September as a climax starting on 13 September. There will be served typical dishes and Bavarian specialities like sauerkraut, mashed potatoes and white sausages. In order to warm the atmosphere German traditional music will be played as it is done originally at the Oktoberfest in Munich, and of course there will be drunken German beer. This entire programme is organised and planned by the Spanish School Costa de Valencia, escuela de español. In addition to the weekend activities, the school offers an ample variety of leisure activities even up to four different activities daily.

Hence August will not be boring for the students of Spanish and presents a large supply of activities to improve and use the Spanish that has been learned throughout the course.

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