Are you planning to learn Spanish but you don’t know which destination to choose?

Without a doubt, Valencia is the perfect place to improve your knowledge of the language and truly immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Spanish culture.

Valencia is a vibrant, dynamic and breathtaking city with a very impressive historical heritage, splendid tourist attractions and a real cultural diversity; a perfect place where one can truly embrace Spanish architecture, music and art. This historically marked city stuns its visitors with such monumental treasures as the Cathedral, The Torres de Serrano and Quart- the best-conserved city gates, as well as numerous museums such as the Museum of las Fallas and The National Ceramics Museum.

Aside from these historically important artifacts, there are other must-see places, including La Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias- the largest leisure complex considered one of the most modern tourist attractions in the city, as well as Bioparc, the Botanical Garden with its impressive variety of medicinal plants, and finally los Jardines del Turia- originally a river bed transformed into a park with plenty of flowers and trees, which gives this place a real sense of serenity. Not surprisingly, every year the city welcomes a great influx of foreign visitors who want to experience the aura of the past, but also relax on Valencia’s marvelous beaches (such as la Malvarosa, Las Arenas and El Cabañal).

It is also here where paella- the most famous dish of Spanish cuisine, comes from, as well as la Horchata and Agua de Valencia- traditional refreshing beverages, which are served in almost every restaurant in the city.


This amazing city boasts numerous prestigious language schools, one of which is Intereuropa, with its long tradition of teaching Spanish as a foreign language and enriched program of free time activities, which facilitates the process of learning and socializing for its participants. In order to encourage students to integrate into the language and culture, the school cooperates with Spanish families willing to provide accommodation to students coming to Valencia, where they can practice the knowledge acquired in the classroom in a family atmosphere.

Because of numerous people arriving from different countries, Intereuropa has become an international place with plenty of students with their own reasons to study Spanish. The courses that we offer are designed not only for those who want to start their adventure with the language, but also for people with more advanced knowledge of Spanish who intend to obtain the DELE certificate. Certainly, there is something interesting to offer for everyone!

We await you here!


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