Walking around Valencia and discovering its corners…

Valencia is the best place to learn Spanish in a comfortable location, enjoying the best climate of all Europe. It’s a city full of surprises that go beyond the beach and “la ciudad de las Artes y de las Ciencias” or the “Bioparc”.

Among the historical places you must visit the Cathedral. Did you know that, according to many studies (including the carbon14 studies), the Holy Chalice in this building is believed to be the original Holy Grail used by Jesus Christ during the Holy Communion? Its history is so mysterious and amazing.

Furthermore you can visit the bell tower of the church, “El Miguelete”. From its summit (50 metres of height!) you will be able to enjoy the best view of the entire city.


plaza de la virgen

Are you going to miss it?

If you are looking for a shop or a place to simply relax, you will find plenty of them walking through “Plaza de la Virgen”, “plaza del Ayuntamiento”. The most particular one is probably “Plaza Redonda”, with its circular structure (how its name specifies) and its four accesses, one from “Plaza de Lope de la Vega”. There are some old cots that form another circle around a fountain (with a circular form too); since a long time they sell haberdashery such as strings, pearl etc.


It is worth visiting it!

There are so much museums and monuments which are unperceived for a tourist but they deserve to be mentioned, such as “el centro del Carmen, “la Casa Museo Benlliure”, “el Palacio del Marqués de Dos Aguas”, “el Almudín”, “los baños árabes del Almirante” etc.

You will be surprised for the history of each one of them!

What else?

Finally, you must visit “los Jardines del Turia”, especially if you want to do sport, sunbathe, read a book or relax at the shadow of a pine. It crosses the city from east to west; it is the most important public park of Spain and it is located in the old riverbed of Turia. It is the “green heart” of Valencia, a demonstration of a healthy city and high quality of life.


Would you like enjoy all this and learn Spanish in Valencia ?

You can do it in AIP Language Institute!

AIP Spanish Language School in Valencia  offers Spanish in Spain language courses based on a communicative method, highly dynamic Spanish language classes, by qualified Spanish nationals in small groups. We will offer you Spanish’s courses and classes for every level to satisfy all your needs. We believe that the language must to be learnt inside and outside the school, that is why we organize exciting leisure activities for our students around the city: in this way the process of learning is easier, faster and more fun.

Fachada AIP

Enjoy it!







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