A visit to the Ciutat Fallera and to its art workshops

Valencia. The fireworks, the firecrackers, the traditional costumes, the music, the lighting and, above all, the artistic monuments give to the Fallas the charm, the energy and the spectacular nature that we all know. But who works to make all this possible? Actually there are a lot of people that deal with the Fallas and a visit to the Ciudad Fallera can show to us a small, but very important, part of them.

It is a complex of industrial unit and art workshops located in the northwest of Valencia where, all year long, more than 50 artists work to carry out the artworks that will become the majestic artistic monuments, that is, enormous satirical figures which fill the city during the Fallas’ days.
If you take a stroll along this area, you will enjoy a peculiar atmosphere, that puts together the beauty of art and the scrupulous work of the professionals, who are as efficient as welcoming: they allow you to take photos, to visit their art studios and to observe the monument’s creation process. The students of Spanish of the school Costa de Valencia have recently had the possibility to enjoy all this thanks to a visit that has been organized by the school.
The creation of the falleros monuments is quite long and complicated and there is a description of it in the Artista Fallero’s Museum (that you can find just next to the art studios): first, a sketch of the whole falla and a mock-up are made, then the artists create a model of clay covered by plaster. When the plaster hardens, the model is destroyed and divided in parts. In the mould, the craftsmen put cardboard and glue. When it dries, they remove the piece from its mould and put it on a frame of wood and polyester. Lastly, they put a coat of primer and final paint on it.

In addition, in the Artista Fallero’s Museum, you can’t only find life-sized fallas and ninots, but also plenty of sketches, mock-ups and insignias of the fallas. The Ciutat Fallera gives you the opportunity to go into the festive and traditional atmosphere of this celebration, which makes you feel part of these people. So, if you are in Valencia during the Fallas, you can’t miss this amazing district!
At Costa de Valencia, School of Spanish we don’t agree with the idea that learning Spanish means only to be able to speak and understand, but we thing that it should also include learning about the culture and lifestyle of the Spanish society. For this reason, we give great importance to the socio-cultural activities like this one, that allows to our students to get to know the daily life of the city, becoming part of it and making them feel like a Valencian more during their stay.


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