Valencia for younger children

The success of a region can be measured by the variety of services it has that are suitable for all ages. The city of Valencia has always taken children into account, so it offers entertainment and culture through games, rides and nature to make the tour more interesting. Places such as Gulliver’s Kids Park, Bioparc Zoo, the City of Arts and Science and Terra Mítica offer a perfect route for them.

Learning is a life-long experience, so there is no age that cannot appreciate diversity and nurture curiosity in their trips. That is why Valencia welcomes the youngest tourists who should find a lot of interesting places in the city.

Caxton College is aware of this and has promoted, for more than 20 years, annual courses and intensive summer courses adapted through all levels of Spanish as a second language including such excursions.

bioparc_vlc2Having fun while you are in contact with the environment is really important. We start the itinerary in the far south point of the Turia old river bed, next to the Cabecera Park, where Bioparc is located. It is a zoological park, of a new generation, which has replaced the old zoo in the Jardines de Viveros. It is based on a zoo-immersion concept: immersing the visitor completely in the wild habitats of several species such as great apes, big cats, giraffes, elephants and rhinos. The four authentically recreated natural habitats are the following: The Savannah, the Wetlands, Equatorial Africa and Madagascar. It is an amazing journey to be in contact with nature.

Following the green path of the river towards the sea, in the East side of the city, we find Gulliver Park, which has recently celebrated its 25th anniversary. It was designed by the architect Rafael Rivera, the illustrator Sento Llobell, and the fallero artist Manolo Martín. It is an adorable place and the Valencian people really appreciate it. It recreates the story of Gulliver’s travels with a giant figure tied by tiny inhabitants all around a 70 meter long island. There is free access all day long and both children and adults can enjoy its slides and everything else it has to offer. Additionally, an overhead view from the one of the bridges, found on both sides of the park, or even through Google Maps is an indispensable experience.

The river is the focal point of the city and connects all its districts, including the City of Arts and Science, another compulsory stop. The outstanding architecture of Santiago Calatrava amazes the young ones to the point that they think they are in a science fiction film. The Principe Felipe Science Museum offers other exclusive activities for children aimed to bring the science closer to them in an interactive way. Fields like Geology, Physics, Space, DNA and experiments of all kinds feature fun and exciting games to help to raise and stimulate their curiosity.

terramitica2.JPGMoving from the city, we cannot forget the most important amusement park in the Region of Valencia. Terra Mitica is located in the city of Benidorm, in the north of the Alicante region. Visiting Terra Mitica means having a vibrant excursion in which ancient Mediterranean civilizations are represented through rides and classic plays from ancient Greece, Rome and Egypt. Fights, adventures and adrenaline are the ingredients for a journey through time between the sun and the beach.

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