Castellón, sea and culture

A tour all along the province, beyond the classroom to connect with with a wide range of charms of the region of Castellón . Contemporary art, taking a jump to the Islas Columbretes and a trip to Benicàssim in this tour that we suggest through the Castellón essentials.

Castellón, as well as in the city as in the province, offers lots and diverse options to cultural inmersion for the visitors, a mixture of nature and city plans all along the Mediterranean coast. At Audio Gil Spanish Institute we know how to complement the Spanish language training with social dynamics activities.

The capital of the province lives its culminating point with the Magdalena festivities, around March, depending on the religious calendar, and this is just one of the proposals. The Fine Arts and Contemporary Art (EACC) Museums are the compulsory visits in a cultural tour, in a mixture of cultural heritage and the narration of the most innovative art, relating to images, sculpture and performances.

Opposite to culture, nature in a pure state with an incursion to Isles Columbretes, a group of volcanic islands protected as Natural Reserve and located at only 56 km away from the East of Castellón. There are trips from the Grao of Castellón in the early morning in organized groups to spend the day where the natural, animal and seafloor wealths can be seen; you only need snorkeling to enjoy them.

At less than fifteen minutes by car ­ -and also with great train communications- on the North of Castellón we find Benicàssim, an exceptional seaside town a stone’s throw away from the capital A perfect trip to enjoy the sun and the sea in a relaxed and comfortable environment with all the services a main touristic place from the region can offer since more than a century ago.8686568816_82bdf3f7b8_k

Swimming in its waters having the natural park of the Desierto de las Palmas as background. The highest peak is the Bartolo, at more than 700 m, acting as a sentry in front of the coast. It is an area ideal for trekking and mountain biking due to its easy access and plant and animal life wealth tupically mediterranean.

But since two decades ago this place of the Costa del Azahar is even more internationally known by the International Music Festival, the wellknown FIB that next summer will celebrate its 20 anniversary. An essential appointment within the summer music festivals that joins visitors from all around the world looking for fun, sun, beach and outdoors concerts.

Big names of recent pop and rock as Radiohead, The Cure, Nick Cave, PJ Harvey, Björk, Oasis, Leonard Cohen have performed on its stage, next to new prodigies from national music. Nest anniversay edition will be really intense. Music tradition in Benicàssim gets reinforced with another great summer festival that attracts large amounts of reggae lovers, in this case, the Rototom, in August.

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