In September Ruzafa is littered with theaters

The hip neighborhood of Valencia hosts the fifth edition of the theater festival Russafa Escénica, an opportunity to see short plays and innovative ideas in a field beyond the traditional ways of performance and production. Circus, dance, puppets, performance and text-based theater will form the 25 productions which all have „family“ as an open concept as their content.

From the 17th to the 27th of September in different locations all over the neighborhood of Ruzafa people will celebrate the theater festival Russafa Escència which is also called V Festival de Otoño de Artes Escénicas. It offers 25 plays of different length which take place in special locations: residences, offices, art galleries, shops and bookshops, swimming pools, etc.

The organization which is a local non-profit initiative explains that this year the theme is going to be all about “the family”: „matriarchal, patriarchal, single-parent families, polygamous or monogamous patriarchies… When sexology, moral and law consider the family as the base of a state or a society, they’re completely right.

„The family“ is our origin, but also a place where we will somehow unavoidably return.”

logoThe program is divided in 3 categories: The nurseries which are short plays of 25 minutes in private locations for 25 to 35 persons. The woods which are theater plays with a length of 60 minutes and more overwhelming endings. They also take place in private locations.

And finally the greenhouse, the only play which is a bit longer, about 70 minutes. It’s a in-house production which has its première during the festival and which is the fruit of a research and creation workshop that this year was directed by Eva Zapico. The best family of the world is the title of the play which combines theater and dance.

15227528448_246d95d8d0_kBesides the meeting, this year there are parallel activities that are all related to cinema and poetry. It’s a collaboration with the university of Valencia accompanied by scenic poetry, guided tours by the architect Ximo Quixal, cinema forum and Balconitis, concerts in the style of rogue cabaret by the group La POP (Petita Orquestra Peiotaire) in the balconies of Ruzafa.

In the center La Nau there are also conferences and trainings about the diversity of a family, adoption, and communications practices. Besides there’s going to be the reprise of La Vuelta a la tortilla, a short play of 25 minutes which has been a great success during the previous edition of the festival. The Spanish language school in Valencia, AIP Languages, knows how to integrate its students in the city life and assists in the plays which can be a challenge but also a incentive to learn Spanish.

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