Language exchange bars in Valencia

Going to one of the bars and pubs in Valencia that offer tandem exchanges is a refreshing way of practicing a language. Radio City in el Carmen or Café Berlín and Ubik Café in Ruzafa are spots to remember. A nice atmosphere and new friends to improve your Spanish, are you up for it?

At the moment, these informal meetings in bars, cafes and pubs to practice a language are spreading like wildfire. You´ll be able to find someone to improve any language: French, German, Russian, English… and of course Spanish. In addition to taking a class in one of the many schools at the Spanish Federation of Spanish as a Foreign Language in Valencia, like Enforex, you could try to learn a language through tandems.

berlincafeEvery Monday at 19.30, Café Berlin in Ruzafa is the place to be to improve your Spanish. A group of students of all ages and nationalities, supervised by a coordinator, come together to chat. Located in one of the main streets of this popular area and with the great offers of drinks and food, it could not be more appealing. In Ubik Café, also located in Ruzafa, are also language exchanges on Monday.

Some bars don’t have a specific day for each language, but they offer a place where students of all languages can meet and speak with people who have the same interests. It is a fun way to meet new friends and learn while eating tapas.

In the old city center, next to the Plaza de la Virgen, el Laboratorio offers a language exchange between English and Spanish. It takes place very Tuesday at 20.00 and you will have fifteen minutes to meet every person. In Radio City, in the area el Carmen, the same happens every Thursday between 20.00 and 23.00. A great start of the weekend!

languaje exchangeValencia Languaje Exchange also organizes lots of events all over the city to unite students of every language and age who are excited about learning and meeting new people. Culinary parties, karaoke, excursions… It is better to look for the information on the Facebook pages of the bars since they are usually more up to date.

Another initiative to bear in mind is the one of the University of Valencia. On their Facebook page Tàndems Llingüístics you can let people know your native language and which language you would like to learn. This way, students can get in contact with others who are interested in the same two languages. So many options to learn outside the classrooms, which one are you going to choose?


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