Let’s go to Ademuz!

 Hidden away in the Region of Valencia, between Cuenca and Teruel, we can find “El Rincón de Ademuz” area which is full of relatively unexplored but very attractive pine green landscapes. It is an ideal getaway for both adults and children.

Autumn and winter are ideal times to discover the richness and variety of the region with activities that the Spanish school Caxton College offers. This makes a nice contrast from the usual sun and beach destinations, typically found in the Region of Valencia. One of these hidden places is Ademuz, located 130km from the capital, which has a small population but is full of natural sights.

The Rincón region is made up of Ademuz, Castielfabib, Torre Baja, Vallanca, Casas Altas, Casas Bajas and la Puebla de San Miguel and is irrigated by the river Turia and its tributaries Ebrón and Bohilgues. Together, they form a large valley which helps sustain impressive vegetation and agriculture. Here you can find the highest point in the Region of Valencia, Cerro Calderón, 1800 m, with the lowest point in the region situated at 700 m.manzanas

Half way through November, coinciding with the end of the harvest is the Fiesta de la Manzana Esperiega (“frozen apple” festival). This is a local variety characterized by its sweetness and its sugary appearance. Along with membrillo (quince jelly) this is one of the most appreciated desserts in the region.

Castielfabib is located at an altitude of 1300 m between the Sierra de Javalambre and Montes Universales, and its multilevel streets give it a unique character. A prime example of its architectural heritage can be seen in the “Nuestra Señora de los Ángeles” church built between the 13th and 14th century with repairs made following a great earthquake in the area in 1656.

3447821047_b4ee82fe8f_bBut it is the centre of Ademuz, where the largest number of churches, hermitages and civil buildings such as windmills, can be found along with the curious bread museum which is worth visiting. Also the baroque style “Arciprestal de San Pedro y San Pablo” church is worth visiting as it houses many pieces of heritage jewelry.

In Puebla de San Miguel you can find a natural park which has rich flora and fauna: aromatic plants, yews, oaks, home oak and juniper along with large trees that create a unique atmosphere, perfect for an autumn walk along the well-marked forest tracks. Thanks to the climate and its very few visitors, all the ecosystems are extremely well kept.

A visit to this area is an opportunity to observe a good selection of Spanish fauna in its natural environment. Wild boars, Spanish goats, deer and wildcats are the main species in these mountains along with birds of prey such as golden and short-toed eagles, and owls. It is a lush natural landscape, far from the beaten track.

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