The ingredients of Christmas

There are some necessary ingredients in the Spanish Christmas festivities and maybe the most important is the “turrón”, which comes from the Region of Valencia with designation of origin and a recognized quality. We will visit Jijona and Ibi, two places that are synonyme with Christmas.

In Colegio Internacional Alicante we receive students from all over the world and because of this we like to surprise them with activities and attractions outside what is ordinary. Among all the treasures of the region there are two villages that are essential for Christmas. This demonstrates that the region of Alicante is more than just sun and the beach.

jijonaIn Jijona, area of L’Alacantí, 20 kms from Alicante, the most famous Christmas sweets are made. “Turrón” is recognized all over the world. The most famous varieties are called “Jijona blando” and “Alicante duro”. The turrón is a very sweet candy, with different flavours, for example yolk, chocolate, fruits and nougat; moreover there are more famous Christmas sweets that are made in Jijona, like “pasteles de gloria”, “de yema”, “los panes de Cádiz”, “mazapanes” and “polvorones”.

On the funny video the Regulatory Council of Jijona and Turrón from Alicante shows how to make this sweet. Basically the ingredients are almonds, sugar, honey, eggwhites. The ingredients come with Mediterranean quality and knowledge.

In the following link we can offer you some ancient simple recipes to do at home. The reason why Jijona is well known all over the world is because of the “turrón” and so they have dedicated a museum to this product, that you have to visit!

hoteljugueteIbi20 kms from Jijona we find Ibi, in the area of L’Alcoiá, close to Alcoy and the Natural Park of Sierra Mariola. Ibi is known as the capital of toy making with many toy factories during the twentieth century. Still today with the competition of “made in China”, they maintain their production.

In order to recognize this fact, they built a museum in 1990 (Museo del juguete), where they expose everything from antique toys made of tin up to modern toys made of plastic. They exhibite the toys in different rooms with different themes; there are also temporary exhibitions of independent collectors. In Ibi there is also a thematic hotel with decorations of lifesize Playmobil toys.

The relationship between Ibi and Christmas goes further than this with a monument dedicated to the Three Wise Men (“Los Reyes Magos”) and also a House Museum. In a city close by, Onil, you can find a Doll Museum (“Museo de la muñeca”) as well.

These can be typical things that people old and young can do to approach the Christmas spirit…

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