Horse-riding route through the Turia

Changing the usual out-and-about and experiencing nature in, or quite near, the city of Valencia is the purpose of this Green Path. Today we horseback through the Turia River Park –located between the Parque de Cabecera and Riba-Roja.

The personnel from AIP Idiomas have thought of a horseback excursion as a welcome change after the excessive holiday feasting. Very few people know this 27 kilometer horse-riding route quite close to the city, which connects the Parque de Cabecera and the village of Riba-Roja. Suitable for hikers, cyclists, runners and riders, the path goes along pine groves, historical bridges, archeological remains and hydraulic facilities.

parquecabeceraThe so-called Turia green belt is a well-conditioned park, yet it remains unknown by many locals. A little further along the Turia Gardens, an already one of a kind green area, it’s stone’s throw away outing that seems farther from the city than it actually is.

The IE-031 Horse-riding Turia Route is licensed and certified by the Spanish Royal Equestrian Federation. It is set along a main path that starts at the Parque de Cabecera and goes along the Turia River for around 15 kilometers. It also has two variants that pass through the woods of La Vallesa –over 7 kilometres– and Les Rodanes –more than 12. In total, it is 35 kilometers of poplars, pines and country roads suitable for all riders.

llomabetxiBesides its ecological value, the journey is full of surprises like the archeological remains of the Moorish tower of Felx, the Hispanic-Visigoth castle of Valencia la Vella and the Lloma de Betxí deposit as well as peculiar hydraulic facilities, wooden bridges and recreational areas that make the trip all the more pleasant.

Along some stretches, the path is shared with the multiuser Turia River Park route, but our itinerary consists of tracks specifically for horse-riding with recreational areas and access to drinking water points. There are also areas conditioned for horses and caravans. The width of the path and the very low slopes make it suitable for groups of riders and even carriages.

The route could be done as a “rural getaway” –staying or stopping at any of the touristic establishments along the path– or in a single day –around 5 hours. Given that not everyone owns a horse, there are several companies that organize activities and horseback outings in the area. The Spanish Federation of Schools of Spanish as a Foreign Language in Region of Valencia wants to promote the different excursions available for any student willing to get to know our community.

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