Discover the charm of Vilafamés

Vilafamés is situated within the boundaries of Castellón, near the coast. It is a monumental town with rich architectural heritage and breathtaking landscape, which is also considered one of the most beautiful places in Spain.

Thanks to the Spanish language School AudioGil, we offer you a short break to Vilafamés, a town less than 30 km away from the capital city, and 100 km from Valencia, which belongs to the region of Plana Alta. Excursions at the weekends are part of the programme of activities for the constituents of The Spanish Federation of Schools of Spanish as a Foreign Language (“FEDELE”) in order to discover the diversity of landscapes from this region.Vilafamés_(vista)

Vilafamés is one of the four towns from the Region of Valencia that, together with Morella, Guadalest and Peñíscola, belongs to the list of the most beautiful destinations from all over Spain. Located on top of a hill in the Sierra de les Conteses – almost 400 meters above the sea level – the buildings lay out all its slopes in an iconic image that invites you to travel from the bottom up, with surprises at every turn.

The first traces of human population in Vilafamés – an attractive location due to its situation between land and sea – back to the Pleistocene Era, therefore we propose to initiate the visit with a stop at points of archaeological interest: el Tossal de la Font, la Cueva Matutano [a cave],  el Abrigo del Castillo, and las Rocas de Mallasén, with some cave paintings and vestiges of the Iberian period.

Castell_de_Vilafamés_10The urbanization of the town as such dates from XI century, with remnants such as la Iglesia de la Sangre and el Quartijo, the surrounding buildings from the Arab period that are now its testimony. The road to reach the top of the population in the Castle surrounded by the Wall, both raised in XIV century, from what is left of the conquered in 1233 by King Jaume I, was declared a Property of Cultural Interest in 2005.

Going from the Fountain Square we are then running into the impressive Roca Grossa that invades the driveway. A set full of charm in small cozy steep streets with other mandatory stops, such as the Palacio del Batlle [the Batlle Palace], an example of Civil Gothic of the XIV and XV centuries, which nowadays is headquarters to an appreciable Museum of Contemporary Art, with more than 300 exhibits from the twenties of the last century to the present.

Església_de_l'Assumpció,_Vilafamés_28La Iglesia de la Asunción [a church] just above, was built in the sixteenth century to host the population that had grown considerably. Inside are the frescoes of the central dome and the adjacent chapel, besides the decoration and wall sockets in typical Valencian ceramics of the eighteenth century.

Throughout all our route, we will take rest stops at various viewpoints that we find during the promenade, from which it is possible to admire the stunning views of Vilafamés in its different towns on either side, in limed white and brown medieval colours. And surrounding the municipality, the green paths between the pines, oaks, willows and oak trees complete your visit, together with the hermitages of San Miguel and San Ramón as stops that add the whole charm to the town.

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