The hidden treasure of Calpe

Today we take you to an excursion to Calpe where you can enjoy good food, the sun, the beach and there you will be surprised by examples of fascinating architecture hidden in front of the iconic Mountain of Ifach.

In the province of Alicante, with the marine symbol of the Mountain of Ifach in front you can find Calpe, one of the most surprising populations of the Region of Valencia, a popular place where you can find the important tourist attraction the whole year. It is very near to Benidorm and offers treasures unknown by public.

The School of Proyecto Español receives students with a large offer of courses as well as cultural and dynamic activities. One of the activities is to explore the province of Alicante and the city of Valencia. However, what a lot of people don´t expect is to find incredible corners like the building “La Muralla Roja” which was built by the architect Ricardo Bofill at the beginning of the 70s and which was finally developing to a cultural place due to announcements by the brand DELPOZO. Video here. La Muralla Roja was the stage for their spring-summer collection 2016.

muralla_rojaThis complex private residence is a part of various constructions in the area of Cala Manzanera, Calpe. Complex constructions like the buildings Plexus and Xanadú can also be found in this area. However, without any doubts La Muralla Roja is the most representative out of them all. Its project began ten years ago, recreating the popular Mediterranean and Arabian architecture, especially with reference to the citadels of North Africa. Various plays of colors can be found in all directions – mainly red and blue – in different stages with inner courtyards that are connected with stairs through the different halls. The building has an extraordinary view to the Mediterranean Sea and with the Peñón as the only chalky counterpoint.

El Peñón is listed for preservation and with its height of 332 meters and extension of one kilometer it is an icon on the coast with its singularity.

calpeAs a result of slide of the mountain Oltá, el Peñón has become one with the earth through a small isthmus. Therefore, it is a popular zone for many sport activities, for example rock climbing or scuba diving. Due to its combination of city and beach – and a nice walk along good restaurants where you can taste fish from the region – accompanied by the mountains and similar samples of architecture, Calpe is one of the special excursions for the foreign students, who learn Spanish in Alicante in Proyecto Español. But we are also not forgetting about the ruins of the roman past in Calpe, which can be visited in Los Baños de la Reina – a wide health resort located in rough stones which is known as ‘reina mora’ according to a legend being told.

With its 250 km the Costa Blanca forms a part of Calpe and has beaches of all types – for families, with caves, beaches with the city behind it and others like isolated or rugged beaches from the perspective of valencian geography like Denia and Jávea until the border to region of Murcia, the beaches of Guardamar del Segura, Torrevieja and Pilar de la Horadada. Now that we are on our way to the Mediterranean summer an excusion to this coast is a big plan for every weekend, isn´t it?

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