Start your summer in Castellón

Summery proposals also come to Castellón along with summer. Urban beaches of the capital offer daily free activities, which, together with the charm of the seaside neighborhood of Grao, make it an attractive destination.

Yoga, tai-chi, cubbá (a new style of fitness that combines Latin, funk and house dance) as well as water activities for disabled in the mornings and afternoons (from 7 am to 11 am and from 7 Dia-Mundial-Yoga-Castelló_cartell_Internetpm to 10 pm) may be taken in the Playa del Pinar and Parque Litoral from early June to late September. Along with the start of summer, on June 21 the World Day of Yoga is celebrated throughout the city. In the morning, from 10 am to 11.30 am, the most important squares of the city will be the scene of classes for different
types of yoga, such as hatha, kundalini, iyengar or dynamic, and in the evening, from 7 pm, the celebration moves to the beach Gurugú, opposite the Aeroclub, with multitudinous classes to start the new season in good shape.

There are three urban beaches in Castellón recognized by the European Blue Flag for the quality of its waters, its services and access. They are the aforementioned Pinar, Gurugú and Serradal. Four kilometers of coastline in total, so close to the center thay can be enjoyed by students who visit us at Audio Gil Spanish Institute. In the peak summer season our activities revolve around the beach and outdoor recreation. Students of all ages from all over the world enjoy their classes accompanied by good Valencian cuisine. Tapas, typical fish and soft drinks on a terrace by the sea to welcome them is not bad at all, right?

GraoCastelloThe capital of La Plana – the region to which Castellón belongs – offers several interesting points that we have already visited at some point, however, for the summertime we would like to focus on the seaside, the port and the Grao, a sailor neighborhood full of history and charm. Originally this area consisted of marsh wetlands as they were made dry to gain cultivation ground and inhabit it. The first fisher folk – a very small one – dates to the fourteenth century, however with the implementation of the fishing port and from the 70s Grao has became a place of the city with the best atmosphere. For the next weeks it takes place the Sant Pere Festival too.

Along with must-to-see areas like Puerto Azahar there are other places to stop by while having a walk with our students, such as the Planetarium, the Lighthouse, the Moruno or la Lonja, which get so lively every day when the fresh fish auctions take place. Are you coming with us to discover this marvelous place?

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