A summer of science and nature

Today we will review the different offers that there are for the summer in the city and for all ages. A visit to the renewed Oceanogràfic, interesting exhibitions in the Science Museum and much more.

Family trips are very common during this time of the year, using the scholar holidays and so that children and grownups learn languages having fun and getting to know a new place. In Hispania, Escuela de Español we adapt to it and offer holiday courses which combine an intensive learning with tourism throughout the region. It is intensive not only to get to know our charming urban beaches but also to be familiar with the existing leisure offer in Valencia. Do you know the Spanish expression “matar dos pájaros de un tiro” (“to kill two birds with one stone”)? That is exactly it.

L'Oceanografic,_Valencia,_Spain_1_-_Jan_07In summer Valencia don’t stop vibrating with interesting plans for all tastes. During the winter season Oceanographic was closed –one of the main touristic attractions of the city- in order to remodel its facilities. The technological and structural improvements have added new habitats to the yet many and impressive marine worlds that are recreated in the park, where 45.000 animals from no less 500 different species live. Belugas, sharks, walruses, dolphins, seals, starfish, morays, crustacean and penguins are just some of them.

Among the outstanding news, a crocodile habitat and a butterfly one, where you can observe the different development phases of both species; a aurora borealis projection on the cupola of the Artic zone; an aquarium with hammerhead shark; or an aquarium in the mild and tropical sea zone dedicated exclusively to the amusing clown fish. On top of this, an outdoors living lake has been created as a stop for migratory birds so numerous in some periods of the year in their trips from the North to the South of Europe and on their way to Africa.

Tesla_555x350.jpgOne step away from the Oceanogràfic there is the Príncipe Felipe Science Museum which during these months takes in a large and interesting exhibition – Ideas like lightning– about the legendary scientist Nikola Tesla. His own imagination made him glimpse technologies like robotics, VTOL planes, energy saving lamps, alternative energies or wireless electricity transmission. In the exhibition, some objects will catch your attention, like the Wardenclyffe Tower mockup 57 metres high, designed for the radio, telephone and energy transmission with no wire connector, or the Utopia installation which reflects his vision about the world of going ahead with his invention system. Make the most of it because to get benefit from the exhibition, there are guided visits every day.

Laughter is a good complement for such activity and in the same set of the City of Arts and Science we have it every Thursday night with Les Nits del Museu, a series of stand-up comedy managed by the best comedians of the country and on the rooftop of the museum with spectacular views. Check the program here. A great way to finish with a good taste in the mouth, don’t you think?


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