Music, nature and history of Lliria

Just a few kilometers away from Valencia, Lliria is the perfect combination of charming rural village and rich historical heritage.

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Located between the mountains of Alcublas and Marines, and next to the Turia river, Lliria is – in the Valencian sense – an ideal spot to breathe fresh air and get lost in, due to its closeness to the capital. This is why AIP Language School suggests this excursion. After edeta-_restos_del_poblado_ibero_50such a hectic summer, packed with activities around the city or at the beach, it’s nice to get to know the different areas of the Region of Valencia.

Less than half an hour away by car and with easy metro or bus connections, a great way of getting to know Lliria is through the well-known Chapels Route: the perfect way of seeing both its most significant monuments as well as its natural environment. We’ll make stops at the seventeenth century Saint Barbara Chapel – above the hill of the same name- the Saint Michael Chapel, inside a Monastery built in the eighteenth century which overlooks the city from the top of the hill. We’ll also visit the most ancient of all hermitages, dating from the sixteenth century, and of neoclassical and baroque style, the Saint Vincent chapel . Within the municipal park and just a stroll away from the old town, this chapel is located above an ancient building devoted to the Virgin of the Fountain. During Roman times it was a temple dedicated to health and fertility. The variety of vegetation: eucalypts, acacias and aquatic fauna, make this a privileged natural site.

Banda Primitiva, Mestre Ramírez, 1997Inhabited since the Bronze Age, Lliria’s rich heritage can be seen through the remains of its first settlers. These remains can be visited in the Tosal de San Miguel Iberian deposit, the Pla de l’Arc Roman site or the Archaeological Museum of the city. The sixteenth century was it’s moment of splendor, reflected in the Dukes of Lliria Palace – known as Ca la Vila – an excellent example of Renaissance style.

But Lliria is also internationally known for its long musical tradition. Two prestigious nineteenth century award-winning musical societies originated here: the Primitiva Band of Lliria and the Unión Musical Band. There are also different music groups that bear witness to city’s musical heritage. At the end of September, during the feria de San Miguel – the city’s biggest festivity – you can see it for yourself. Want to join us?


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