Autumn festival of music

Who said that festivals were only for summer? Deleste, which you can find about below, shows that they can also be in autumn, in Valencia, the city where the weather is (nearly) always fine.

The autumn gives rise to many cultural events in the three main cities of the Region of Valencia: exhibitions, food festivals, concerts, theatre, and fringe events for cinema and urban art. The `Mostra Viva de Cine del Mediterani´ and `Intramurs´ are two good examples as is also the Deleste Festival, now in its fifth year and which will be held once again in La Rambleta, a place of tireless cultural activity, located on the Bulevar Sur of the city of Valencia. It all takes place on 4th and 5th of November, from the Friday afternoon until the early hours of Saturday morning.

rambleta-valencia-00Young people from all over the world arrive at the doors of the Españolé school, anxious to discover Valencia and Spanish culture. Our city makes it possible for leisure time to be both enriching and a complement to our very focused classes. There are intensive modules to prepare for the DELE exams, courses for the over 30s ranging from one to thirteen weeks, with classes of 20 hours a week plus five hours of cultural activities. There are also other courses for special interests, such as sailing, football or even for business. Check out what we offer and find the best option for you.

That is why here at the school we keep up to date with the most popular leisure activities, and the Deleste Festival seems to be a good way to finish off the first weeks of the course classes. A hallmark of this festival is that the performances are `small-scale´; it is possible to have contact with the artists, and there are no mass audiences, so that it is possible to enjoy the music up close, with very good sound quality. Numbers are limited to 3,000 people, and this is the main difference compared to the big summer festivals which have happened throughout the Region of Valencia in the last months. This is an autumn festival.quiquegonzalez

Another of the characteristics of Deleste is its very select group of performers, eminently Spanish, who will put on music ranging from classic guitar rock to commercial pop, containing Valencian artists and some international names. A wonderful way to practise the tongue and hear people sing in the language of Cervantes.

Top of the bill in this fifth year is Quique González, who is coming with his band, Los Detectives, to showcase his latest album, together with Xoel López, who will put on an acoustic show, Delorean, who will have everyone on the dance floor with their energy and techno-pop, 70s folk by Bigott, which escapes all description, and Novedades Carminha, who will get you moving with their straightforward rock. There are many other groups, of all kinds and from many backgrounds, such as Polar and Tardor from Valencia, Perlita from Barcelona, Dani Miquel, who will perform for the younger children within the ambit of Deleste Kids, and the soloists Dan Shake and Amber Arcades. Lots of music in a relaxed and open-minded atmosphere; are you up for it?

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