In Fanzara everything is urban art

We propose a very special trip to a village in the province of Castellon. Fanzara has decided to become an outdoor museum of urban art as a way to attract the visitors – and has succeeded!

Many towns in the province of Castellon suffer from disinterest of young people and increasing depopulation that everyone tries to stop in many ways. Fanzara is a town that belongs to the region of Alto Mijares, just over 30 km west from the capital Castellón and is less than 100 km away from Valencia. Some time ago it occurred to bet on urban art as a way of attracting tourists, and certainly they have succeeded.

Audiogil Spanish Institute offers courses for all needs, in preparation for the DELE, and intensive courses of 15, 20 or 25 hours a week, in small groups or even individuals. They are complemented by additional leisure and culture activities in Castellon and Valencia as an original new tour. A visit to Fanzara is always surprising for our students. In a mountain landscape among orchards, the nearby river, bordering to the National Park of Serra d’Espadà and among its steep streets we find large colorful murals, which radically change this rural landscape.

fanzara-street-artIn 2005 a controversy awoke in this village of just 300 inhabitants because of the possibility to have a landfill installed. The project did not work out finally, however, in exchange the union of the neighbors had the idea to commission two artists fill their empty walls murals left in the streets. 2 artists grew into 21, and they managed to completely transform the village. Since then, Fanzara has formed the MIAU, Museo Inacabado de Arte Urbano (the Unfinished Museum of Urban Art), a outdoor museum unique in its kind.

Every summer, around month of July, MIAU renews and expands the expositions and invites new artists with the assignment to make the contribution to the facades. Great works of artists like Julieta XLF, Escif, Deih, Hombrelópez or Susie Hamer, personalities and recognized within the urban art that is in full growth and appreciation in our cities, with the paradigmatic example of the anonymous British Banksy, made Fanzara known internationally. A walk through this town surprises at every corner. And you, who is so close to it, are you going to miss it?

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In Fanzara everything is urban art, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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