How to be a good student of Spanish

How to be a good student of Spanish

How to be a good student of Spanish


If you really want to learn Spanish in Spain, attending classes is not enough. There is so much more you can do to make the most of the experience both in and out of class.

In class

Practice as much as you can, participate and talk in class as much as possible. Do not be afraid to make mistakes, teachers will correct you when they deem it necessary. Mistakes help you learn.

Ask questions if you are unsure. If during the class you do not understand the explanation, do not sit there being confused. It is better to ask the teacher everything you are not clear to continue advancing in your learning.

Do not obsess about new vocabulary. When you read a text or listen to an audio, you do not need to understand all the words exactly; The important thing is to understand the context and content as a whole.

Check everything at home. When you get home, spend at least 10 minutes a day to do a review of what you have been given in class. In the case of the intensive Spanish courses , you will receive a lot of new information, so you will be able to assimilate it better.

Learn Spanish in Denia

Spanish out of class

Participate in the social activities of your school. TLCdénia organizes activities for students which are an opportunity to practice Spanish and meet people. You will be able to practice the language with the teachers or monitors of the activities, as well as gettting to know other students of the school.

Attend a language exchange. Many Spaniards who want to practice languages ​​attend conversation exchanges. Help them to learn your language and they will help you with your Spanish. TLCdénia organizes a language exchange in Denia every week.

Go shopping. Make yourself talk in real situations, with the clerk at a clothing store or at the grocery store. These practices will make you assimilate much more vocabulary and remember those conversations more easily.

Put the TV on in Spanish. When you get home, turn on the television to continue practicing Spanish. Put subtitles on if necessary. You are sure to learn new words.

Listen to music in Spanish. You will discover artists that you will like and surely you will not be able to stop listening to them. There’s nothing better than learning while you enjoy and that’s why music can be a great tool for you.

Go to bars and restaurants. In addition to sampling the gastronomy of Denia, so well known worldwide, you will enjoy a relaxed atmosphere in which you will hear Spanish all the time. Learn everything you can and do not hesitate to ask the waiter your doubts about the menu.

Spanish courses in Denia

In your country

So as not to forget what you learned during your course in Spain, we advise you to stay in touch with the language.

Sign up for language exchanges in your city or get in touch with Spaniards who live in your area to suggest a tandem.

Keep learning with Spanish online lessons. You will stay in touch with Spain and the language without leaving your home.

Enjoy the time during your stay in Spain. It will be a unique experience for you that you will remember all your life!

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