Colegio International Alicante you will have the opportunity to do a Course of Spanish

Do you need a beach holiday? Do you love Spain and the Spanish language? Are you interested in our culture, History, festivals …? Do you want to discover what is behind the emotion of the Mediterranean way of life?

We propose to you to make new friends, enjoy your holidays improving your Spanish and above all discover what is behind the light, colour, taste and smell of the heart of Costa Blanca.

With Colegio International Alicante you will have the opportunity to do a Course of Spanish and also to make new friends from all over the word.  Our teachers will make you live the language and culture like you never did before.  You will experience the History, enjoy the festivals and feel the emotion of a warm welcome.

Because our city has a lot to offer you, not only beaches with soft sand, but also hidden places like our old town, Barrio de Santa Cruz at the foot of Santa Barbara’s Castle, with small and narrow streets full of flowers and stone steps; or 19th Century squares such as Plaza de Gabriel Miro or Elche Portal; or beautiful buildings like Santa Marie’s Church or our Town hall of a decadent baroque, that will take you back to other centuries.

Strolling through Alicante city centre you will discover Plaza de los Luceros, the most representantive square of our town. And in Explanada de España, our seafront, you will be able to feel the aroma of salt air from any terrace, the magnificent palm trees swaying in the breezeand the soft sound of the Mediterranean sea playing with the sloops in the marina.

During your stay, you will find museums that will surprise you for their quality.  Such as MACA, Art Museum, it was born of the sensibility of one of our artists, Eusebio Sempere who was contemporary and friend mostly of great Spanish artists in the 20th Century. In MARQ, Archeological Museum, you will discover the daily life of the Iberians, the first inhabitants of the Iberian Peninsula. You will live the arrival of the ancient cultures of the Mediterranean to our coasts: Greeks, Romans, Arabs … You will almost able to touch our History. Or discover a very charming museum, Museo de la Festa, ethnological museum where you will be able to enjoy our main Festival, Hogueras de San Juan, Saint John’s bonfires, and the passion of Alicante for the fire.

You can choose where to go for a walk: in a palm trees park facing the sea, Palmeral de Alicante, or in a rose garden, Lo Morant Park or around a lively shopping street such as Maisonnave Avenue, very close to our School.

And all this does not end but begin … Alicante lets you relax on one of many terraces where to have a drink with friends or dance and laugh all night long in a splendid nightlife with music for all tastes and ages, from Rock & Roll to Indie bands, live music, 80’s, 90’s, pop  … We cannot tell you, you have to live it.

Enjoy a different vacation, live the Spanish language and culture from within. Alicante and Colegio Internacional welcome you.

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