koki, a Japanese in love with valencia

Koki is a 24 years old student from Japan. He is in Spain since the beginning of May and he is going to stay here until the end of November. He loves sports and learning languages.
Koki lives in Valencia and studies Spanish at Enforex. The Head of Studies, Manu, interviewed him because he wants to know more about a Japanese living the experience of studying Spanish in Valencia.
Manu- Head of Studies
Koki- Student

M.- Hi Koki, first of all, I would like you to introduce yourself
K.- Hi! My name is Koki Matsunaga and I am from Japan. I am 24 years old and I am studying Spanish in Enforex Valencia. I am in a B2 level right now, but I will be in a C1 shortly, if I pass the test.
M.- Did you visit other cities in Spain before coming to Valencia?
K.- No I didn’t, not before. But during my stay in Valencia, I have visited Pamplona, Zaragoza, Alicante and Buñol, tomato!
M.- Lot of laughs!!! I guess you have been in La Tomatina
K.- Good guess! (lot of laughs)
M.- Why did you choose Valencia to take your Spanish course?
K.- I study in the Osaka University in Japan and a friend of mine recommended me to come to Valencia to study Spanish. He told me it is the perfect city for a Japanese. When a Japanese goes abroad to study he looks for a quiet and a medium size city.
M.- What were your reasons to choose the school?
K.- I was looking for a school near the beach and sport areas, because I love playing rugby, and Enforex has all these requirements. Also, my agency recommended to me.
M.- Do you play rugby every day?
K.- Yes I do!!! I joined the Valencia Polytechnic University Rugby Club and I play three times a week, I love it!!!
M.- Did you know something about the history or culture of Valencia and the Valencian Community before?
K.- I knew nothing, just a little bit about the tomato party. I don’t know why, but Japanese love it!
M.-What do you like about Valencia city?
K.- I have fell in love with Valencia. My friend was totally right, it is a bit smaller, compared to Madrid or Barcelona, but it is big city in many ways. The people is what I like the most from Valencia, they have always helped me when I have had any issue. Also, it is close to other beautiful cities and towns, and the connections with other big cities in Spain is great! I love the weather as well!. The weather in Japan in not so steady as it is in Valencia. Overall, the atmosphere in the city is really good.
M.- What aspects about the city have caught your attention?
K.- Actually, because I am from Japan, there aren’t many things already that can catch my attention. I have seen everything there, but, as I told you before, you can feel the great human touch around the city and the kindness of its people.
M.- You told me before you have visited Alicante, what about Castellón?
K.- I haven’t had the time yet, but it is on my list. I hope I can visit it soon, but learning Spanish and playing rugby keep me very busy.
M.- Koki, what dishes do you know about the Valencian cuisine?
K.- I love paella, with chicken and rabbit, it gives me, also, a lot of energy to play rubgy. As a good Japanese, I love rice, and here in the Valencian Community there is an infinity of types. I like a lot black rice too. In fact, I cooked it once in my apartment with my other schoolmates. The roasted chicken is delicious too. Actually, I like eating and I love rice, so I am more than happy in Valencia.

M.- Koki, one more question, would you recommend the Valencian Community as a place to come to study Spanish or a place to live?
K.- Absolutely! Many times, talking with my friends from Japan, I encourage them to do a similar course. Of course, in the Valencian Community, and specially in Valencia because is the city that I know the most. Valencia has everything. I agree with my classmates at the school, if you came once, you will always want to come back. In my case, both, Valencians and teachers, have made my love for Valencia grow.
M.- Thank you Koki! It’s a pleasure helping you and I am glad you like so much our city. What do you think if we go to eat a paella?
K.- Great!, but please, not rice with things…(lot of laughs)l!!
M.- No!!! You know we have here good restaurants with real Valencian paellas.
K.- Sure! Let’s go!



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