Do you know the lung of Valencia?

Are you familiar with the so-called ‘lung of Valencia’? You have certainly heard about this garden which is situated in the old Turia dried riverbed. It goes through all the city of Valencia and it is a perfect escape to think that you are somewhere else, far from a city with a population of more than one million.


Our 9 km length garden goes along the old riverbed, from the Cabecera park –where the main zoo called Bioparc is located– to the Oceanographic. Within this garden you can also find Gulliver’s park and the Palace of Music.

It is one of the most lively and distinctive features of our city.

On 14th October, 1957 a big flood inundated most of the city and caused chaos. As a consequence a new riverbed was built outside the city to avoid future floodings.

Gradually Valencians started using the old riverbed as a meeting point to have lunch in the open air during the weekends, at Easter, at Fallas… In 1986 the old riverbed was renovated and that’s how the first part of this park was open. It is one of the first parks in the city along with Jardines del Real (commonly known as Viveros).

Nowadays this is one of the most visited parks in Spain and the largest one, having a bigger dimension than parks in Paris or Madrid.

It is the perfect place to do all kinds of activities such meeting friends, organizing a picnic, reading under a tree or practising sports. Along all the riverbed we can also find a bicycle lane and a running track.

It has become a culturally spirited area where –apart from gardens– there are many sports facilities, exhibition halls, open auditoriums and the City of Arts and Sciences.

Along this garden we cannot only see a great variety of plants and animals but also water, which is present in ponds and fountains.

Going along river Turia you will be able to admire up to 20 bridges. Some of these are more than five centuries and have been destroyed by the floods and reconstructed again. Other bridges are as popular as Puente de las flores (Flowers bridge) by Valencian architect Santiago Calatrava,  Puente de la Exposición, or Puente del Assut de l’Or.

This old riverbed is full of life and makes you feel outside the city while you are still in it.

At Españolé International House Valencia we are very lucky enough to be close to this wonderful place. Our premises are less than a 10-minute walk from this park and the students can fully enjoy because of the lovely weather of Valencia.

Here you have some photos of one of our enjoyable days. Last Saturday we cycled this  wonderful garden from the Towers of Serrano to the City of Arts and Sciences.


Do you want to know Valencia with us?



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