First linguistic experiences abroad: Motivation, fun and learning

The study of the Spanish language has become a necessity in the whole world. Students no longer see it only as something useful to communicate when they travel, it is also a work tool and adds value to the curriculum vitae. Translating a letter is no longer enough in the business world, customers are increasingly demanding, require more personalized products and services and for this it is necessary to know their realities closely to meet their demands.

Both parents and teachers know that for new generations knowledge of the Spanish language is very important in their training and will be very useful in their working life. Are there parents who are not interested in the future of their children? But young people do not want to go to boring classes where only grammar is taught. They already do this throughout the school year and, during the summer, they prefer to do more fun activities. That’s why they need to have motivation and enthusiasm. And they are totally right! Grammar is important in any language but without practice it ends up being forgotten. Many parents are aware of this and want their children to start having direct contact with a second language (or third in some cases) as soon as possible but getting the most out of it.

After years of experience in language teaching we have realized that the Valencian Community is the ideal destination for young people who wish to have an experience abroad. From 13-14 years old they are willing to leave home and have an experience abroad to find out the world.

Who says that learning Spanish is boring?

The good transport links, the climate, the gastronomy, the leisure offer, the services allow our students to combine leisure and learning, but above all to learn in a fun way, without pressure or stress. A good opportunity that cannot be missed. Don´t you think so?

We have a privileged location and that is why we should encourage families so that the youngest ones try to have an experience with specific programs. In this way they can complete intensive practical courses based on communicative exercises with daily activities focused on cultural visits but also excursions, sports and leisure trips.

It is the best and most effective way to put into practice all they have learned, to lose the fear to express themselves in another language, to defend oneself in real contexts, to learn to be more independent, more mature, to acquire new responsibilities and to know other realities without a huge effort.

If you are a teacher, we know that it is important to recommend your younger students attractive destinations that suits their needs. And if you are parents, you always have fears and doubts when sending your children abroad. Do not worry because these programs are designed to offer the confidence and security of all. They include pick-up service and accommodation in full board in rigorously selected host families. In addition, activities always have a supervisor for any need that may arise.

Finally, combining classes with a good afternoon at the beach or a fun excursion with girls and boys of the same age, different nationalities but with common interests can be more productive and beneficial than spending hours and hours in a classroom. Undoubtedly an investment for a future job, a personal enrichment and perhaps some future residents in the Valencian Community.

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