Top School gives you 10 tips for learning Spanish properly

The first thing what come to mind when you are looking into learning a new language is ¨how can I do it in a fast and simple way¨. It is known that learning a new language is not an easy task and because of it, Top School gives you the keys to do it effectively:

  1. Take it easy and find your motivation

There is a Spanish say that says ¨It is better to go slowly and do it well than go fast and do it wrong¨ In that sense, be patient, work hard, find your motivation and step by step you will see satisfactory results.

  1. Positive attitude and willingness

In every step we take our attitude is essential. So, for languages is the same. Good mood and positive attitude are all you need to get all you want and to reach wherever you want to.

  1. Get immerse into the Spanish culture and society – Go abroad

Go to another country and live as another member of its society, this is the best way to learn a new language and to get into a new culture and society. Get to know its traditions, costumes, culture, society and life will bring you closer to the new language and how it works. A language is like a friend, who you need to know first, take care of him, meet him, get closer to him in order to build a strong relationship.

  1. Read books, watch movies and listen Spanish music

Read, listen and watch Spanish movies, because in this globalise world you can find them everywhere – Classic literature, paperbacks, newspapers, websites, emails, your social media feed, cereal boxes, even books, movies, series for Spanish learners-. Hearing and watching characters in film and TV will help your Spanish skills immensely. Reading will help in the repetition of seeing what Spanish words look like. Remember that reading books with dialogue is also great for deriving meaning from context clues and will usually involve conversations that you would hear in everyday life.

  1. Talk, talk, talk as much as you can

Do not waste the opportunity to talk in Spanish whenever you can or to have a conversation in this language. You can start with your family, friends, neighbours or even through internet. Nowadays, it is so easy to find someone to chat, so be brave and do it in Spanish.

  1. Set yourself realistic goals

Setting goals and rewards is a fun way to reinforce your learning and to celebrate each achievement you reach along the way. However, be realistic, you are the only one who knows yourself and your limitations.  Set yourself real guidelines, either weekly or monthly and try to reach them. Just remember to keep trying and don’t give up!

  1. Join a language exchange group and practice

The language exchange is a common and popular option in big cities to socialise, meet new people and practice the language you are learning about. This type of programmes use to be celebrated in restaurants, pubs or libraries, because any places is perfect to speak Spanish! And if we can do it with a ¨tapa¨, how great is that!

  1. Find fun ways to learn – play games in Spanish

Learning a language does take work, but you’ll be more likely to stick to it if you are enjoying yourself. Play games, do crossword puzzles, sing songs, read comics, and don’t worry too much about making mistakes – making mistakes is often the way to learn best!

             9.Do not give up

Never lose hope. So, do not give up, keep going and go ahead. It is worth it, trust us.

  1. Celebrate what you have learned

You always must celebrate successful and everything good in life. So, in that way, every step you do, celebrate it!

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Top School gives you 10 tips for learning Spanish properly, 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings
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