Are you a traveller or a tourist?

Would you like to fill like one of those famous 19th century travellers who come for 1st time to Spain?

With Colegio Internacional Alicante you will improve your Spanish and also fill like one of those famous 19th century traveller discovering a fairy-tale city.

On the occasion of the celebration of the International Children’s Book Day in April 2nd; we will discover with our students the visit of the famous fairy-tale writer Hans Christian Andersen to Alicante. We will recreate the experiences he wrote about in his travel book so many years ago in 1862. Just as when the travellers of the 19th century wandered through the streets and boulevards described in his book, we can see not many things have changed except the quality and comfort of the transport.

Come and discover with us the friendly people from your arrival: “The train hastened on, but it was midnight before we reached Alicante (…) on our arrival at the station at Alicante (…) But our good star was in the ascendant. We had a proof of the Spanish people’s kind consideration for strangers.”

Listen to the joyful sound of our markets and be amazed by the variety of fruits and vegetables: “Near Alameda, out by the sea-shore, one comes upon a low but long building, a sort of bazaar for butchers, fishermen, and fruiteries… There was a constant buzz of voices parleying between the sellers and the purchases. From the meat and the fish markets, we passed to that of the vegetables; oranges lay here in heaps like potatoes with us; colossal onions and grapes hung round the pillars, and seemed to spring out of the dry wood.”

Taste the traditional Alicante wine, flavorful grapes, pink pomegranates, sweet cherries, almonds, oranges …: “They brought us splendid fruits- firm, juicy muscatel grapes, and sparkling wine, genuine Alicante. The sound of the sea was our music; the stars of heaven, an illumination. It was summer night; and many, many such there were in sunny Spain.”

Relax on Explanada de España, sit in one of its cafes and enjoy lively conversation with friends: …” Whitewashed, flat-roofed houses with balconies, were the principal features of the place.. Alameda looked like a fragment clipped from one o the Boulevards of Paris… people were sitting there on the stone benches looking at the promenades….

Loiter around the old town, discover magnificent buildings, slender palm trees, secluded romantic squares: “Outside of this place stretched the principal streets of the town, with fine buildings, among which the town-hall stood prominently forth, with a turret in each of is four corners. The cathedral was situated but a few steps from this…”

And above all, do not forget to enjoy magical nights, parties, dances, festivals ….: “For the first time we heard next day of the Danish Consul, who, at about the distance of a mile from town, had been celebrating a people’s festival. Ladies and gentlemen, in the garbs of the common people, had by torch-light dance until a late hour at night in the open square near the sea. What a pity that we had not known of this before!”

With Colegio Internacional Alicante you will not feel the pain of missing the special ambiance of Alicante that H.C. Andersen failed to discover.

Come, discover Alicante with us.

Colegio Internacional de Alicante

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