The best tapas places to hit in Valencia.

It’s understandable that if you travel to Valencia to learn Spanish you’ll want to try the Spain’s famous tapas. Tapas are typically a Spanish appetiser that is usually eaten between meals and accompanied by a drink. They’re traditionally made up of small items such as meats accompanied by cheese, tortilla etc. Going out for tapas is considered by the Spanish as a social act that serves to bring people together and groups of friends use tapas as a reason to get together, catch up and have fun.

Although Valencian tapas are not as traditional as in other parts of Spain such as Andalusia or Madrid, in Valencia you can find very good bars with a wide variety of tapas, both traditional and fusion style, on the menu. In this article we reveal the best tapas hotspots very close to Españolé Spanish school (  so you can go out with your friends after studying Spanish and discover the best Spanish traditions first hand.

  1. The Pilareta

La Pilareta is considered one of the stand-out bars in Valencia due to its location very close to the Plaza de la Virgen and long-running history in the city. It started life as a convenience store that sold wines and liqueurs to the Valencians. In 1917 they obtained a bar license, just the same year that Estacio Nord train station was inaugurated, which made it a key meeting point for travellers and artists coming to Valencia.

Its real fame came after the Civil War when they started serving the best clochinas (mussels) and a wide variety of tapas to the people of Valencia. Without a doubt, this is a bar with many recommendations from both tourists and locals. Are you going to miss it?

  1. The Rentadora

This bar is a jewel in the heart of the El Carmen neighborhood, next to the Monsell Sorell market. Its fame is due to its delicious tapas made with a wide variety of typical products of Spanish cuisine. In particular, we recommend trying the homemade pâtés that are a specialty of the house and the wide variety of cheeses they have on offer.

This is a perfect place to have “birras” (beers) and accompany them with snacks that will open your appetite for lunch or dinner. In addition to being a bar of very good quality, the best thing of all is that their portions are quite abundant and you can fill yourself up for a very reasonable price!

  1. The Forn del Carmen.

Another great discovery in the neighbourhood of El Carmen is El Forn bar. This place has a certificate of excellence from TripAdvisor and has earned this title thanks to its tasty tapas made with homemade recipes that’re finger licking good!

Among their most recommended tapas are bravas and homemade nachos, as well as toast with honey and mustard that is incredible. Another stand-out point for this tapas bar is the quality of its beers, as they have a great variety of imported beers served directly from the tap.

  1. La Xirgu sandwich shop

Opened in 1995, this snack bar was born in the centre of El Carmen, being one of the first bars in the then gentrifying neighbourhood. In recent years the place has evolved both in its staff and in its recipes, which today have become some of the best tapas in Valencia known for their quality and handmade ingredients.

The Xirgu is undoubtedly a perfect meeting point to gather friends while you enjoy a conversation and spending time togather. La Xirgu will offer you the best homemade tapas accompanied by a beer served without haste and with lots of love

  1. Taberna el Olivo

This bar, also located the el Carmen neighborhood, is located under a large olive tree in, hence its name. It’s an ideal place both for tapas and drinks with a very historical setting and a special charm. The people of Valencia usually go to this tavern with their friends to relax with a drink on the famous terrace which is known as one of the best in el Carmen. In addition to its tapas and drinks, this tavern is pet-friendly which allows you to have a bite accompanied by your pet without fear of being caught.

If you visit this place we recommend you try the homemade croquettes and the dogfish, one of the most requested dishes of El Olivo.

So, what are you waiting for? Venture through Valencia and visit the most famous tapas places in the city while you study Spanish accompanied by good friends. Have a great time while discovering one of the most typical customs of Valencia…. tapas!

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