In addition to the monuments and tourist attractions, Valencia has many green spaces where you can practice varied and enjoyable outdoor activities.
Thanks to its Mediterranean climate with sunny days and mild weather, you can enjoy Valencia and its parks practically in the four seasons of the year.

Next to the city center of Valencia, you will find the Jardines del Real or Viveros.
It can be considered the most emblematic park of the city for its history, cultural value and botanical diversity.
In addition to its great number and diversity of arboreal specimens, inside the park you will find the archaeological ruins of the Palacio del Real, former mansion of the Valencian monarchs.

Without any doubt, it is worth a visit to the Botanical Garden.
It is located next to the old bed of the Turia River and administratively depends on the University of Valencia.
One of the objectives of the Botanical Garden is to maintain the scientific collections of plants, conserving a historical legacy of two hundred years of continuous cultivation.
Inside, you can explore the different continents, imagining exotic and distant places or getting to know more closely the plants present in our Mediterranean landscape.
In addition, you can participate in its educational and cultural agenda with activities for all audiences that are organized throughout the year.

Turia’s Gardens.

The Jardín del Turia is considered one of the largest urban parks in Spain.
It is a green space of more than nine kilometers that crosses the city from West to East, from the Cabecera Park to the City of Arts and Sciences.
It has recreational areas, sports fields and bike lanes; it is also an ideal route for runners and nature lovers.
This immense garden has taken the place of the old bed of the Turia River which was diverted to avoid the continuous flooding that the city suffered.

We have mentioned only some of the parks and gardens of Valencia.
There are many more: small, medium and even huge and in all of them you will always find something interesting and a reason to visit them.
Intereuropa Idiomas offers its international students of Spanish as a foreign language the opportunity to visit them thanks to the activities we organize for their free time.

We arrange cultural visits, bike tours, picnics and many more activities that allow our students to learn more about Valencia and its history through its parks and gardens.

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