Amazing Alicante, Proyecto español

Take a pinch of tremendous weather, a dash of great staff members, relaxed working atmosphere, add numerous never-to-forget international friends and to top it all of put in some ¨playa¨, excellent night life and everything within walking distance. Sounds like a weird recipe right? But, if you mix everything together you got yourself an internship at Proyecto Español in Alicante.

When I had my first gaze at the internship possibilities at this language school, I immediately got excited. Mostly, because of the things I mentioned in my recipe. I mean, who would not like to have an unforgettable experience abroad, especially when it offers superb sunny days and richly cultured cities. I was already picturing myself with sangria in my hand, chilling on the beach and eating tapas. Yeah, I was living the dream without even having clicked the apply button. I was sure that this was the perfect place for me.

After writing an email to send to the marketing department of the school, it went fast. Very fast. I received a reply from my now internship mentor. A Skype interview followed and before I knew it I was already looking at flight tickets. The application process all went super smoothly and there weren´t any hiccups whatsoever. If I needed any documents signed, I usually got it back the next day and sometimes even the same day.

Another reason for choosing Proyecto Español as my internship address is that for all your hard work they offer you free Spanish classes to improve your language skills. As a student who studies International Business & Languages, this was extremely convenient. Furthermore, I improved significantly by talking to other students who are taking classes at the school. You meet all these new people from the entire world and everyone wants to practice Spanish. Each week the school organizes an ¨Intercambio¨ were you can sit with people and just talk. This was for me personally one of the best ways to learn the language and an easy way to make friends.

The working atmosphere is very relaxed and the staff of Proyecto Español give you a lot of freedom in the development of your work. As an intern I got to be creative in my own way by creating content for the social media and writing posts for their blog. If you have good ideas they are very open to let you create your work. Also, the fact that there are several interns working in the school makes every day a little more exciting.

If you want to do an internship abroad, it is not just about the working environment. I know that, you know that and the company knows that. Now that we have cleared the air, let´s talk business. Alicante is a very nice city to go out. Within ¨the Barrio¨ there are several bars with cheap drinks and great music. Most of the bars in Alicante close at 3.30am, but the clubs stay open until 7am. In the harbour you can find some more expensive clubs. Though you would pay more for your drink, the harbour is an enjoyable place to go dancing and having a great time. All of the clubs are beautifully decorated and the vibe is amazing.

I could go on and on about the city of Alicante and why it is a great idea of doing an internship at Proyecto Español. Truth is that you will never know until you undergo it yourself. Take it from me, choosing to do an internship abroad is a life changing experience and you will never regret that choice.


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Amazing Alicante, Proyecto español, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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