Best spots to read or study in Denia

Doing a Spanish course in the Valencian Community is a real pleasure since there are lots of magical destinations to learn the language, each one with its own charm.

This is the case of Denia, a medium city where students can enjoy, after their Intensive Course at TLCdénia a beautiful beach and mountain setting.


After classes, students relax at the beach, walk around its streets or enjoy its renowned gastronomy; but Denia is also an ideal destination for reading.

Are you a book lover? In Denia you can go to numerous places to enjoy the pleasure of reading or seize the most of your free time to review your Spanish classes and do your homework. Reviewing the contents of each class is always a good idea and to do so, you don´t need to stay home. Take the most of every spot that the city has to offer and read a good book or study Spanish!

Furthermore, if you want to read in Spanish, at TLCdénia we offer loan books for our students. Reading will really help you to improve your vocabulary.


10 spots to read or study in Denia after your Spanish Course

Luckily, Denia has a tempered weather almost every day and it´s sunny, so you can read outdoors. Even in the winter, sitting in the sun is truly pleasant, especially between 12PM and 4PM.

These are some of the best sports to read outdoors:

  • In the beach sand. There´s no greatest pleasure than reading with the sound of the waves as a soundtrack. Our beach is the ideal place to enjoy quietness and read in the sunlight.
  • In the rocky beach. Grab a book and try reading in one of Denia´s small bays while you gaze at the crystalline water and observe the beauty of its surroundings. You will love it!
  • At the school terrace. TLCdénia is provided with a terrace for its students. It is open from 9PM to 2PM and from 5PM to 6:30PM. Take the most of your time to read or review your class notes before or after your lessons in our facilities.
  • In the Denia lies at the food of the Montgó Natural Park, a beautiful area where you can combine your hiking routes with a stop to read. You will delight yourself with the scent of the pines while you get inspiration from a nice book.
  • At Torrecremada park, a green area in the city with a small pond with waterfalls, fishes and turtles. It has also good parking spots and a dog park. The perfect atmosphere for readers!
  • In a terrace on the seafront. Denia holds lovely bars such as Helios or Mala Vita, where you can have a coffee right in front of the sea. What a pleasure!

Indoors Reading spots

For the cold or rainy days, these are some of the most recommended places:

  • In the Local Denia has a recently restored library where you can read or study, and of course, you can also get loan books. It´s stocked with a varied offer of different literary styles. Don´t hesitate and read the genre you like the most!

In Denia there are many cafes, so we suggest you try some of the best ones with a relaxed and calmed atmosphere, totally noise-free:

  • In Magazinos, a gastronomic market with different food stalls and restaurants where you can have a good time reading, for example, in the cafe Pichi´s Coffee Roasters. Moreover, Magazinos counts with different terraces to read in the sunlight.

  • In Marqués de Campo Street we recommend El Comercio or Amazing (especially in the mornings). You can combine a walk around the main street, perhaps with some shopping, and a stop to read and have a hot drink.
  • In a charming café, Códigos del Arte, in the city centre and very close to TLCdénia (only 5 minutes on foot).

There are many options for book lovers to enjoy their hobby while they visit different spots in Denia, so don´t hesitate and try some of these splendid places!

“Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers.” Charles William Elliot.


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