Carnival with Hispania, escuela de español

Valencia is the perfect destination to have a wonderful experience learning Spanish, immersing in the Spanish culture, meeting new people and, above all, having fun. Maybe it is due to the warm weather, the great amount of celebrations and events and the kind personality of our people, but every year thousands of students choose our city to study abroad. On this occasion, we want to address one of the most uninhibited and funniest celebrations: Carnival!

Carnival is a popular celebration that takes place immediately after the Christian Lent, this is the Ash Wednesday. This is the reason why some years it takes place in March and other in February. The origin of the celebration dates back to the Roman festivity that honoured Bacchus, the god of wine, chaos, party and saturnalia. However, there are lots of theories about its real origin. This celebration takes place all over the world and allows you to become whoever you want for one night. There will be costumes, masks, carriages, music, shows and a lot of fun while people walk around the streets and cheer everyone who wants to spend a special and unique night.

Hispania, escuela de español makes the most of all the new learning opportunities that are offered to our students while they live here. Therefore, we could not miss the chance to carry out a lot fun activities and classes honouring carnivals.

During Spanish classes, teachers always surprise students with funny costumes and colourful decoration in order to create the proper carnival atmosphere. Students enjoy wearing different costumes, masks, eccentric hats and what it takes to live this experience of the world turned upside down.

Of course this is the perfect occasion for learning new words. Do you want to know some?

Regular mask: Masks are the perfect element for those who want to become someone else or hide their identity. There are different types of masks: portraying facial expressions, famous people, movie characters or even animals.

Eye mask: Eye masks only cover half of the face and are very common in the carnival of Venice. The most famous eye masks have plumes and glitter.

Carriage: carriages are essential for carnivals. During the celebration thousands of colourful and decorated carriages, which are crowded of people dancing, go around the city cheering everyone.

Fireworks: Valencia I a city that loves powder and will not miss an opportunity to celebrate carnival the way Valencians love: with fireworks.

In addition, for lovers of music and good mood, our dear Spanish language has a lot of songs about this fun celebration that we can use in our classes. For instance, who has not enjoyed Celia Cruz’s “La vida es un carnaval”, Chayanne’s “Me voy a Río” or Fórmula Abierta’s “Ya llegó el carnaval”.

However, are we only celebrating carnival in class? Of course not! One of the things that students love the most is the great variety of activities offered by Hispania, escuela de español.

On this occasion, our wonderful team will take all those students who are interested to the famous Carnival of Benimaclet. Each year, the neighbourhood offers a lot of activities on the occasion of the celebration: chocolate tasting for lovers of sweet, the traditional parade of the carnival of Moro Maclet, in which thousands of disguised people, giants and muixerangas will walk in the parade of Benimaclet dancing and performing different shows. If you want to disguise and become another person for one day, meet new people while you practice Spanish and have a lot of fun, don’t think it twice and come with us to the carnival.  

What’s more, for those who love Halloween, Hispania, escuela de español also offers an intriguing tour to the most mysterious places of Valencia. This tour takes place at night: disappearances, unresolved enigmas, legends, surprises, ghostly apparitions and a thousand mysteries.

If you want to learn Spanish in a different way and immerse yourself in a unique atmosphere, don’t think it twice and come with us to our great carnival. We are looking forward for seeing you!

Article written by Rita Rodríguez Varela for Hispania, escuela de español

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