5 reasons to learn Spanish online

Today, online learning is nothing new to many of our students. Most of them are used to using a mobile phone almost since the time they were born. We know this at AIP Language Institute, and for that same reason we decided to promote the e-Learning area as early as in 2018 to enhance our online Spanish classes.

In fact, we all know that online classes are here to stay, so in this article we will discuss the advantages they can bring to those who want to learn Spanish online but have not made up their mind yet.

1.- Why study Spanish online?

Surely you have asked yourself this question sometime. Here is the answer: online classes are highly dynamic, proactive and focused on constant student motivation. Working with small groups – no more than 8 students per group – is a must. For groups of more than 4 students we use the groups section to implement activities in pairs, just as we do at AIP Language Institute. In addition, you can take advantage of the moment, since almost all schools, like us, have juicy promotions and economic advantages. Also, what better environment to learn a language than your own home? Without displacement, without stress …

2.- The grammar is left out.

When we learn Spanish online in a group, our students want to know that 100% of their time is dedicated to participation. In these cases, the inverted classroom is a very important method: the student works on the grammar content at home and puts it into practice in class. Guarantee of success.

3.- Technology is key.

Out of the three vertices of the triangle of online teaching (which are: Contents, Teaching Action and Technology), we can say that the one of Technology is the most accessible. In recent years, video conferencing platforms have included so many advantages that they have even exceed the experience of learning Spanish in a regular school. These are some of them:

• HD Video

• Text and blackboard is available for Spanish students after class.

• If you need it, you can always record the class

• Ability to divide the class into small groups to work on activities

• Audio in Stereo

• Possibility of connecting from the phone or from your tablet, wherever you are.

4.- Is it safe to learn Spanish online?

Absolutely, in fact, security is an indispensable element, since the reputation of a school depends on it. For example, at AIP Language Institute we have our own security protocol in which a series of measures are taken to guarantee the privacy and security of communications (the use of password for class, waiting room until the teacher gives you the access, classroom lock, random and modifiable links, etc.)

5.- Will I learn the same?

Definitely yes. When choosing your online Spanish course you should think about your needs. Many schools offer courses more or less adapted to these needs: intensive, conversation or grammar courses. Today you can find any course you are thinking of. This is complemented by the use of platforms which help to work on grammatical content.

In short, at this stage in which the online modality has been imposed by the circumstances, we should bear in mind that there is no crisis that does not bring an opportunity. Online learning is there and, as we have explained, there are many qualities of it to take advantage of.



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