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Salsa-Up Your Spanish Course!

The Salsa is one of the most well-known and practiced dances in the world. In Valencia, more and more people are surrendering to the Caribbean rhythm. This passionate dance, with its rich variety of levels and styles, is perfect if …

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Kitesurf con acento español

¿Te gusta la aventura? ¿Deseas aprender español? Entonces tenemos la propuesta que se adapta a tus necesidades. Para aquellas personas que no sólo desean aprender un idioma sino desarrollar aquellas actividades que hacen subir la adrenalina, tenemos la oferta de …


Kitesurfing in Spanish

Looking for adventure? Ready to learn Spanish? Then, we have exactly what you need: a tailor made Spanish course for those not only wishing to learn a language but looking for some extra adrenaline: IDIOMAVENTURA. Zip-line over the pines, sailing …

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Where to learn Spanish?

It’s difficult to choose a Spanish school in Spain– very difficult. Not only are there a ton of cities, all of which seem interesting and attractive, but there are also many schools in each city that all offer practically the same …

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Alumnos disfrutando con sus monitoras

Language learning as a family in Denia, Valencia

Although summer is soon to arrive and with it our long-awaited holidays, there is always a part of us that wants to make the most of the time we have. Being near the beach is of the utmost importance for …

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Futbol con español

Do you need a Summer Camp for junior students?

Summer Camps are a fun and convenient way to make the most of the holidays while learning the Spanish language and culture. Caxton College has been running Summer Courses for over 25 years. We have now designed a programme which …

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Join us and learn Spanish in a Summer camp

Summer is the season for fun: a great time to make new friends, live new experiences… and also to learn languages. That is what we think at Enforex when we open our Spain summer camps. And we our proud to …

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Combine Spanish courses and the celebrations of the “Semana Santa Marinera”

Combine Spanish courses and the celebrations of the “Semana Santa Marinera” The “Semana Santa” (Holy Week) is the week before Easter and it starts on Palm Sunday. During this week, there are several solemn rites representing the passion, death and …

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Official presentation of the ‘Study in Spain’ website.

The Secretary of State for Tourism and Chairwoman of the Tourism Institute of Spain, María Isabel Borrego, accompanied by the Secretary of State for Trade and President of ICEX, Legaz Don Jaime Garcia, along with the Secretary of State for …

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Estudiantes DELE en clase

Prepare for the May 2013 DELE exams and enjoy Valencia!

Thinking of taking the DELE Spanish exams in May 2013? One of the best ways to prepare is to spend some time Spain. And when it comes to choosing your destination there’s no better place to study Spanish than Valencia. …

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FEDELE CV CONTENIDOSNuestra asociación, FEDELE (Federación española de Escuelas de español como Lengua Extranjera), fue creada con el objetivo de aunar las principales escuelas de español de la Comunidad Valenciana para alcanzar [...]

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