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Get to know the painter Pinazo

The government of Valencia declared 2016 as the year of Pinazo with the aim of increasing knowledge and appraisal about the painter Ignacio Pinazo, one of the leading figures in Spanish art between the XIX and XX centuries. Today we …

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A stroll through L’Albufera

This lagoon is one of Valencia’s most photographed icons; it one of the region’s essential tourist destinations for foreigners and locals alike. Today we’ll tell you about the richness of L’Albufera and its unique environment.

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The hidden charm of Vall de Gallinera

The Region of Valencia has little known treasures hidden to tourists who have limited time. One of them is a corner in the province of Alicante, near the sea but surrounded by mountains and orchards of fruit trees called Vall …

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Non-paella rice dishes

Today we bring you other recipes, very Valencian and which stem from the typical paella; rice dishes with a designation of origin, having a long tradition, and which are still prepared up and down the region.  

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The hidden treasure of Calpe

Today we take you to an excursion to Calpe where you can enjoy good food, the sun, the beach and there you will be surprised by examples of fascinating architecture hidden in front of the iconic Mountain of Ifach.

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The land of music

Berklee College in Valencia again reprograms the concert series a Lake of concerts alongside of the Science Museum Prince Felipe. An unmissable cultural event to outdoor in a privileged environment to highlight the role of music in Valencia.

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The art of Sorolla at El Carmen

Until the end of May the convent of El Carmen, in the historic center of Valencia, exhibits the best drawings of Joaquín Sorolla, a renowned Valencian and one of the greatest exponents of Impressionism in Spain. We bring him closer …

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The intense history of Xátiva

One of the most historically important cities of the Region of Valencia is well worth a visit and probably even more than just one. This week we suggest you to learn more about Xátiva with a tour through its heritage …

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Why learn Spanish? The top 12 most curious answers!

The fact that Spanish is the second language most spoken as a mother tongue is a crucial reason that drives millions of students to undertake the wonderful journey of learning Spanish. This motive is essential, but in TLCdénia we know …

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Discover the charm of Vilafamés

Vilafamés is situated within the boundaries of Castellón, near the coast. It is a monumental town with rich architectural heritage and breathtaking landscape, which is also considered one of the most beautiful places in Spain.

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FEDELE CV CONTENIDOSNuestra asociación, FEDELE (Federación española de Escuelas de español como Lengua Extranjera), fue creada con el objetivo de aunar las principales escuelas de español de la Comunidad Valenciana para alcanzar [...]

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