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Discover the island of Tabarca!

Today we are going to take the boat to see Tabarca, the largest island in Region of Valencia and very close to the city of Alicante. Originally it was a refuge for pirates and currently it boats a monumental and …

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All Denia for families

Have you thought about studying while traveling with your family? It is an ideal summer vacation option so we want to provide you with all the information you need to consider along with the best leisure activities for you and …

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Why learn Spanish? The top 12 most curious answers!

The fact that Spanish is the second language most spoken as a mother tongue is a crucial reason that drives millions of students to undertake the wonderful journey of learning Spanish. This motive is essential, but in TLCdénia we know …

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The ingredients of Christmas

There are some necessary ingredients in the Spanish Christmas festivities and maybe the most important is the “turrón”, which comes from the Region of Valencia with designation of origin and a recognized quality. We will visit Jijona and Ibi, two …

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The unique charms of Elche

Today we propose a visit to the third largest city of the Region of Valencia in number of inhabitants, Elche is located in the south coast of Alicante. Elche is well known for its industrial wealth but also what makes …

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The treasures of Denia

It is a privilege to live in the Mediterranean where every day the sun is shining and the sky is blue. One of those strategic points of the Region of Valencia is Denia, an international tourism hub with a treasure …

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Valencia para los más pequeños

La dimensión de una región se mide por la amplitud de los servicios para todo tipo de públicos, también los más pequeños. Valencia siempre los ha tenido muy en cuenta, por eso ofrece diversión y cultura en forma de juegos, …

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The language of the good table

Travelling to learn a language is doing a language immersion of culture far away from books and all the things that you can learn in a class. The Valencian Community is ideal to combine both necessities, thanks to its warm …

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Our students have had the great opportunity to attend to one of the most outstanding cooking schools in the Region of Valencia, located in the maritime district of Castellón de la Plana, there they have developed a cooking programme where …

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A visit to the Ciutat Fallera and to its art workshops Valencia. The fireworks, the firecrackers, the traditional costumes, the music, the lighting and, above all, the artistic monuments give to the Fallas the charm, the energy and the spectacular …

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FEDELE CV CONTENIDOSNuestra asociación, FEDELE (Federación española de Escuelas de español como Lengua Extranjera), fue creada con el objetivo de aunar las principales escuelas de español de la Comunidad Valenciana para alcanzar [...]

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